Sunday, July 22, 2007

Selamat Pengantin Baru Dazira & Adhha

a gift for the newly-weds. hope it comes handy.

when she broke the news of her upcoming wedding in our egroup, i was happy for her. i've known daisy for a long long time. since we were 13, to be precise. that makes 20 years, isn't it. she was my dormate during our secondary schooling in STF. she was smart, she was a nice girl. in fact i bet she still is!

I went to her wedding today. that was my first time to Rawang. a little bit far but easy to locate. it was raining and the area was packed. the food was nice. when we first arrived, the groom was already there so we just proceeded to eat. i only met her after that. dressed in dark-red (or was it deep-mangosteen?), she was all smile. but we did not stay long. we need to give way to other guests that were still coming. plus it was raining. i tought of combing the area in search of other school friends but the idea had to be scrapped off as well.

coincidently, the invitation card was designed by one cyber-friend - safurah. nice job girl. the card came with a matching small-bag for door-gift as well. i like.

to daisy and adhha, Selamat Pengantin Baru. Semoga Berbahagia Ke Akhir Hayat.

the door-gift. in nice paper-bag with mathing design with the invitation card.
a pack of cookies, a small pouch of tapioca-crisp, bunga telur with simple but nice small flower and potpourri in a heart-shaped glass container.


pB said...

Salam Ummi

Lama sungguh hilang ...
Sibuk sangat ke sekarang nie??

Masih kerja department sama ker??

CT said...

ummi, y ela, lama sungguh menghilang.. sejak naik pangkat, ada keta baru, susah mau tulis lagi ye...hehhehheh

aida said...

safurah is my friend.. kecik betul dunia :P

ummi said...

aida ~ i met her kat ikea sometime ago. she did a good job. i like the design.