Sunday, August 26, 2007

How The Weekend Went - 25&26th Aug

It was tiring weekend. Nevertheless, a beneficial and meaningful one. We did lots of thing, from groceries shopping, going to nurseries, cooking and right up to visiting Floria in Putrajaya.

Originally i had planned to go to Pasar Sungei Besi to stock-up the kitchen. Even our 'must-haves-in-the-kitchen' were finished. We ended up in Tesco Kajang due to the rain. After 2 hours (50% of the time can be discounted without the kids. You know lah, nak kena layan pilih biskut lagi, nak kena let them choose and count the tomatoes lagi. Termasuk jugak nak buat kajian anatomi ikan dan ayam!) and a cartful of groceries, we headed for breakfast in Uncle John Kopitiam. Albeit the price (RM2.50 for a slice of garlic-butter bread. true, the slice was thick but RM2.50?), we had good time splurging ourselves with 1/2 boiled eggs, Kaya & Butter Toast, Garlic Butter Toast and a plate of Mihun Goreng. To wash them all down, I had Ipoh Kopi O, Tebby White Ipoh Kopi while Kakak had Soy Bead. Iman just drank plain water from his bottle - which we later tercicir there.

That was the shopping part. Later, Tebby prepared yummylicious Chicken Tomyam for lunch. I managed to do Beef Stock, Chicken Ball and put them away in freezer. Weekdays mana sempat nak merebus-rebus lama-lamaan kan. That's what I normally do. Pre-prepared. I even have fishes rubbed with salt+turmeric in the freezer. As compared to zaman dulu-dulu, we have really improved where eating-in is concerned. Dah jarang-jarang makan luar except the time yang busy-busy sangat kat ofis. We used to throw away rempah-rempah sebab dah naik hapak. You knowlah how long can spice last kan. That's how terrible it was. Lagipun anak-anak tengah membesar ni, I have to set example on what are 'normal' and what are not. Certainly makan luar everyday is not, kan.

Other than that, we have the usual clearance of laundry. I have mountains to fold and another few bukit to wash and dry. Thank God, at the end of the weekend, every thing was folded and put away in their respective place.

And oh, lewat petang Sabtu we went to Pusat Flora Cheras to browse around and find anyone who can do landscaping services. It's such a relief to see all those beautiful flora & fauna. And a relief too that we finally found someone who can come and plant grass and do a bit of landscaping. I hope what we want can fit our budget. I don't have much so I don't expect much. Maybe 2-3 big trees on a green lawn. Err.. if possible, a wood deck.

Half of Sunday spent at Floria Putrajaya. When I first got to know about it, I knew I could not miss it. I don't know if we had covered all as we did not get the map. Nevertheless, with Iman running around (And when he does not, he'd insisted on 'kokong' - dukung. There we were, taking turns with 16kg him in our arms). We went inside the cool room where they display creations using flowers, plants even fruits and vege. Did not stay long in there. Iman dah start tonyoh2 mata and muka dia. Maybe due to habuk2 bunga kot since he's allergic to many things. Then we went out into the sun again. If I were to judge, I'd prefer the one they had in Tmn Tasik Titiwangsa last year. Lagi redup cause banyak pokok besar and lagi banyak display. (esoknya Iman & Kakak warded in APSH sampai 2 weeks). This time I remember to charge the battery in full and had fun photographing. I wish I could snap a lot more but with 2 kids tagging along, I could not do as much as I wanted to. Will share some here and will load more in a few days time.

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