Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ummi's Back!

i have to warn you. i'm not done with telltale of driving and the little-fella that just started pinching my account last month. last two days, i called ATFAL to have the kids and their luggage (2 nursery bags, 2 dirty laundry bags, one school bag and one raga for bekal - now.. those can qualify as luggage - aren't they?) prepared as i was going to fetch them in 5-10 minutes time. baru aje shift into gear, it started to rain. i got out and gave some thoughts. i got back in and decided to just go on. tested the wiper to make sure i still know how everthing worked. everything went well. raised my hand to the pak guard kat depan tu and proceeded tanpa sebarang masalah to ATFAL. the kids were happy. ye lah, jarang-jarang dapat balik awal. fate had it that it rained quite heavily the moment we started our journey back home. i had thumping in my chest and my body jiggled a bit. suddenly i realised that i had no idea how-so-ever on how to operate the back wiper. you see, that little fella has a straight back screen like kenari or ATOS. nevertheless, we were safely home. tebby got back at 9.30p.m. sib baik dah ambik budak2 tu.


work has not been easy since my appointment. i rarely have time to berpoya-poya. but i never missed lunch! perhaps, i miss having lunch with Tebby. for some reasons, he always asks me to go with my friends these days. what pisses me off the most is that almost all email come with ASAP. ASAP. ASAP. i can't plan my work. even if i can, i rarely managed to stick to it. i'm giving myself another 2-3 months. oh, maybe a little getaway sometime end August. psttt.. it's our anniversary. if you think it's not appropriate to give me gifts for anniversary, i can also accept birthday present as well. well,.. just to note...

speaking of getaway, i have a few places in mind. semua local lah.. kakak did suggested Disneyland. OMG! then only you can go Kakak. the rest can't afford. i am thinking of Langkawi, Cameron Highland, Bukit Merah. And believe it or not, Mines Wonderland yang kat belakang rumah kami tu pun masuk list. and believe it or not, this is going to be Iman's 1st family holiday. last we went for one was in 2004. Iman was just a 5 months baby. foetus, to be exact. they had good time. notice i did not include 'me'. they had fun in splashing around in the water and i had to just sit and looked. maklumlah, makyong kan time tu.

ok peeps, have a good week ahead.

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CT said...

ummi, i would suggest to go for cameron highlands. just came back from there last 2 weeks. memang relaxing and cooling. cuma yg tak lalu tu jln nak pegi sana. my hubby preffered travel mlm, so we daparted from KL at 12midnite, masa tu my son dah lalal land. so, reached tapah r&r at 2am, tido kat sampai 4am, naik and reached cameron at 6am. alhamdulillah, bole check in awal so, by the time check in, my son dah bangun. masa balik kl je, die tak tido and memang tak leh dok diam dlm keta. sungguh mencabar sbb dgn jln nak cam ulo kena palu, ngan budak tak dok diam... can nak muntah pun ada..
but overall, cameron memang best. penuh bonet ngan sayo2, stoberi, teh, roses and lily. syokkk.... tecapai la ngidam saya nak mkn stoberi ngan whipcream, bukan cicah coklat...hehhehe