Wednesday, August 04, 2010

10% = 35 Days

It's been 35 days! Means I have already spent 10% of my one year leave.

35 hari nan indah (well... mostly). Kinda loving it staying home and manage my household affairs (well, with Bibik Ros's assistance anyway). To say dok rumah takde keje, well, is wrong. Who says so? I am now officially in charge of domestic affairs, field activities and liason officer. I am a far cry from domestic goddess (yet, I hope!).

Iman has been going to Dyslexia Center for approximately 4 weeks. He's under Teacher Sharifah with 4-5 other students, mostly his age. There's Alia, Arish, Omar and Sofea (Sofea is his monkey love at the moment). He's still at beginners level but I guess that would be most appropriate since he did not know a thing about abc 123 when he first started there. From what I gather so far, they use phoenetic technics, similarly to Bacalah Anakku. But then since the class is small (and the teachers are trained to manage kids with special needs) everybody gets fair amount of attention and nobody gets left behind. Homework is a must everyday. Weekends means more. Revision is needed on daily basis. 10 minit pun dah cukup. That 10 minutes rule isn't mine okay. I am told, that long is enough.

Let's see how Iman is doing after 4 weeks in Ampang Hilir, shall we?

Alhamdulillah, he has shown lotsa progress (by my standard) since he first went there on 5th July 2010. From not knowing head-and-tail of abc, he now knows a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, m, s, o and u. He can read simple sukukata ba bi bu be bo, ca ci cu ce co, da di du de do and fa fi fu fe fo. Masih merangkak-rangkak lagi but insyaAllah, he's getting there.

As for English, he can read bat, cat, fat, hat, mat and sat. He can spell those as well. So far alhamdulillah, for every matching exercise for the first letter (eg, connect m to picture of mug), semua he can do on his own. Writing wise masih agak slow and he writes really BIG, sampai terover-over dari garisan.

He's quite good at numbers (must be the genes from his father, that one). Knows 1 to 10. Knows that 2 balls are 2, 3 cakes are 3. Hari tu saja-saja je tanya dia, If you have 3 homework and Teacher Sharifah adds another one, how many do you have now? I saw 4 fingers raised. Happy? Indeed I am.

At times, even he himself looks perplexed and suprise, as if 'hey, I can do this', as if dia sendiri tak sangka. Pat him on the back, good boy. What a proud mom I am of you, Iman.

Syukran Ya Allah. Insaf saya. Despite all kekhilafan setiap hari, Allah mempermudahkan perjalanan kami menguruskan Muhammad Iman.

By far this is the most difficult homework. Difficult in terms of preparation. Iman was given a long strand of string then he has to cut it into shorter ones and shape them and paste them. Bersememeh okay. He, got 'very good' for that.

Spelling. He did that on his own.

Also on his own. This is among his favorite kind of homework.

Additional aid I bought for him. Almost run an amok that he couldn't find 'C' for crocodile. He doesn't know there's similar animal called alligator. Now when I show him this, he said 'eyyigehter'. Adam added those smudges, takmo kalah. Apa Abang buat, dia nak join.

Additonal aid I bought. These are for Math.

These are for alphabet recognition


Farra said...

syabas iman and mommy! kalau setahun lg hebat Iman ni nnti

thn ni bibik leh raya lelama la kan bu? ehhe

ummi said...

farra ~ tahun ni tak balik lagi katanya. tahun depan nak balik sebulan.

myjuliana said...

alhamdulillah.. terharu saya baca entry ni. ingat lagi keresahan kak T dulu.. your patience is well paid kan? semoga imaan enjoy his 'new' life!

you know what, kalau kat UK kan, sekelas ada 2 org cikgu, ajar budak dlm 10 orang je kot.. maknanya 1 cikgu jaga 5 budak.. budak2 cepat sgt learn something, just like cikgu yg kak T cerita tuh.. and cikgu2 sangat passion nak bagi budak2 improve..

Kak T, tips nak lagi cepat bleh baca and menulis, tanamkan minat reading.. and bagi dia explore buku2, tgk2 gambar dulu pon ok.. kat sini, start dgn buku yg takde ayat, so budak2 kena cerita apa gambar tu cakap.. ni utk develop critical thinking, kak T bleh tanya in detail apa gambar tu buat, what color, how many.. eh panjang pulak membebel.. hehehe

ummi said...

julie ~ tat's our keje.. worry over our kids hu hu. and don let me start over schooling here in malaysia nan tercinta nehh. cam kakak, sekelas ada 40 org! cikgu ponn... ada yang ok tu ok lah. dapat yg jenis suka maki ho ho ho.. kalau nak xtra kena lah anto private school tp where got money maaa??

nway, thanks for sharing. cam iman suka buat sth x ikut sequence, much to my irritation. tp abahnya kata let him be.. biar creative sikit