Monday, August 09, 2010

BBQ Party II 2010

In celebration of Kakak's birthday, we did a BBQ last Saturday 7th August. Just the 5 of us and Bibik and Acik, my SIL who happened to be around.

Around noon we did all the marinating and at a little past 6, hidupkan api. After solat Maghrib dah berbara and ready for grilling. We did 5 types i.e. 1 type of prawn, 1 type of squid, 1 type of chicken wing anf 2 types of beef.

Here goes some photos..

uik.. bak sini pengepit arang tuhhh

the boys

orang paling sebok dari mula sampai sudah

kakak dan iman

western beef

oriental beef



Read about our first BBQ here.

1 comment:

y@tipruzz said...

yg Hunt's botol besar tu ape?
garlic steak tu crunched garlic ke ape?
dah oh olive oil mu sgtla besar!! sy penah beli botol kecik jer..tu pon guna time mc after operate dulu..konon nk menjaga kesihatan :p

now am back to normal cooking oil akakka