Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sofa & TV Rack for Sale

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I am selling off these two items i.e. 2-seater and tv rack.
Price - RM1,600 (both)
Booking - 1/2 the price. This will not be refunded should you back out. Booking is for 2 weeks only.
Mode of payment - full (or the remaining should you've placed booking) in cash, before taking the items
Transportation - not provided

- From Fella Design.
- Bought in April 2010, used approximately for less than 3 months.
- 2 seater.
- Slipcover in plain medium brown (body), cushions in cream-brown damask, throws (small cushions) in plain beige. Very nice and elegant.

TV Rack
- No brand, bought in one of those kedai perabot.
- Black.
- Not solid wood.
- 2 drawers and 2 open slots (roomy enough for that black ASTRO decorder)
- On castors, easy to move around

Should you need more information, please sms me at 013-341 six zero two four. Appreciate sms only ya.

front view

side view

top view

TV Rack. In photo, with 21-inch TV on it.

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Zuedin said...

waaa naper mau let go sofa yang muda remaja usianya....oo ye berapa mau jual itu rumah..? someone so interested with your housing area :)

ummi said...

zue ~ nak make room for others heh heh. rumah ini ek? en somiku cam 50-50 lak nak jual. tp kalau ada orf bminat, akak blh tgk2kn iklan2 kalo ada org nak jual..

ena said...

hah nak jual da plak kak?

ummi said...

ena ~ iyerr... nafsu.. nafsu..

Hanis said...

waa..akak nak pindah ke?

hari tu ada skali sya ke area BTHO pasal pi visit umah sewa adik ipar(apartment yg dekat jusco) ...alang2x tu kami pi round laa...mmg memikat hati jugak....aman dan nyaman jek...

jusco dekat gituuu...hehehe

ummi said...

hanis ~ taklahhh.. takde nak pindah ponn.. apartment tu tepi jln besar kan? kalau masuk dalam tu, rumah akak kat dalam nunn.. dh dekat sgt dah tuu