Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy 3 Months Old Adam

Adam is 3 months old today.
Glad to announced he's been fully breastmilk-fed for the past 1 - 1.5 months. God please give me strength to go through this full-breasfeeding until at least for the next 3 months (I am targetting 6 months at the moment). After a while, I decided to make my experience go public. Visit me here.

No vital statistics yet for we haven't seen his paed for his jab. That would be this Saturday. From 'mata kasar' I think he has lost his cubbiness but thank God he's sturdy and can lift his head most of the time.

He was born 3.74kg, almost like a weight of a month old baby.
If he sees us eating, he'd chew and gnash and salivates.
For the past few days, he's been trying to roll over. The funny part is that, his body did but his head did not, leaving him red with anger and frustration.
Maybe he thinks he is one month older than he actually is kot?


To Adam, Happy 3 Months-Old.


-akuni- said...

Ishhh... geram nyer tengok dia nie....

ummi said...

akuni ~ geram tgk baby nih, ada makna tuh..

kaezrin said...

khazin pun xde stat lagi sbb x gi paed puh this month..bulan depan br tak taulah bpr stat dier..btw adam looking so macho, :P

ummi said...

elin ~ masa dia baru lahir pun wan (nenek) dia kata 'muka jantan' abih.