Thursday, April 24, 2008


Adam hardly move since this morning. I had to poke and push him, then only he'd react by moving a bit. Maybe it's a bit too stuffy already.

Nevertheless, not taking any chances, we're going to APSH and have a check-up. Better be safe than sorry right.

Please doakan semuanya selamat.

I shall update later.

ps- kalau dr suruh paksa bersalin, tak sempatlah makcik makan donut Big Apple yek? sempat lagi tu..

Thanks to all well-wishes. I certainly appreciate that.

Came back from APSH approximately 2.30p.m. Had sumptous lunch at nearby mamak restaurant. Obviously Dr Ashar let me go home.

:: Had CTG done. Adam's heartbeat and its rate is normal.

:: He's quiet tho. Did not make much movement unless poked or shook (they shook my tummy okeh). Sampaikan one of the nurses suruh mengiring, baru dia gerak2 sikit. Tersepit kot.

:: Had VE.. er.. that stands for Vaginal Examination. I am already 1.5cm dilated already. Tapi nurse tu kata masih 'jauh' or 'tinggi'. Whatever. Maknanya belum nak bersalin lagi dah. But asked me to be cautious.

:: When one nurse touched Adam, dia tanya - baby besar ke? Well,.. uhh.. he was like 3.3kg last 2 weeks..

:: Was given a fetal-kick chart. Everytime hujung2 gini sure kena kira berapa kali budak-budak ni bergerak. At least 10 movements in 12 hours. More is good. Less means it's time to go to hospital.

:: I need to come again tomorrow. Tadi tak sempat nak sembang-sembang sangat dengan Dr Ashar. He took a look at the graph and ensure us Adam is doing fine. He was in his green suit dah time tu. Ada orang nak bersalin kot.


abi said...

cepat-cepat pergi. moga-moga selamat. insyaAllah

aida said...

semoga selamat semuanya kak

oren said...

amacam, kena force labour ka??

kaezrin said...

hope all goes welll

ct said...

emmm... tekenang my time dulu... anyway, have a gud rest and gud luck...insyaallah, everything goes well...

Farra said...

3.3kg? wow

take care yaa..moga selamat semuanya..best2 en adam nak lahir dah hihi