Saturday, February 02, 2008

Little Muhammad - One Shy Guy

Went for a check-up yesteday in APSH. The old scale was right. Indeed, I put on another 3kg within the last month. BP and urine were okay. Surprisingly Dr Ashar was not that concerned about my weight gain tho it has been 6kg within just 2 months.


Little Muhammad is now 26 weeks by calendar age and by size he's 27 weeks. A week or two difference is normal, I was told. He's 1.03kg and doing just fine. If last time he turned his face to the other side and gave us him bottom, yesterday, he did lip-smacking action (as if telling me that he's getting a lot to eat!) before covering his face with his 2 little hands. Ah.. cute. From the look of it, he's one chubby boy with round face and full cheeks. Even his belly was in perfect round shape. I think he resembles Kakak when she was a baby. Tebby doesn't mind if he looks like Kakak or Iman (apparently Kakak and Iman don't resemble each other much. Kakak takes after Tebby almost 90% whereas Iman is a mini-ummi male version!) as long as he's one perfect and healthly baby. Good look would be a bonus, anyway!

My next appointment will be this coming 29th Feb and I'll be a ballon-ed up 30 weeks expectant mom by then. After that my appointments will be 2 weeks apart and then a week apart. And by next appointment, I'd be eligible for a GL already.

I have another 14 weeks to go. How time really flies huh? I guess before I know it, I'd be holding Little Muhammad in my arms. Time to ransack Iman's things and to do detail listing of things to buy huh.

Got a letter from IRB last week. Good surprises come in small packages huh. I am one happy woman..


~ahni~ said...

IRB tu apa Ummi?
Alhamdulillah baby sihat.

kaezrin said...

saya pun dah habis nak start basuh2 baju baru and old clothing from efi for adik baby..slow;yu nak kena buat dah nih...

btw...saya pun dah start ransack GL TM..all these while duk pakai insurans office jaz..but tiba2 rasa nak perabis duit tm plak..kekekekek

ummi said...

ahni ~ IRB=LHDN. terlebih bayar tax so diorang refund balik. and alhamdulillah, baby sihat. maknya aje yang dok termengah2..

kaezrin ~ i'm not done yet. semalam baru tgk breastpump dah rosak so nak kena pi beli/ganti. yang lelain blom check tgk ok ke tak. maklumlah dah 3+ tahun dok dalam tong tu.

all these while, we're paying from our own pocket hu hu... time to at least release some burden kan.