Friday, February 15, 2008

Growing Pains

He made my heart skipped beats. It was neither V-day thingy, nor am I referring to Tebby.

As me and Tebby were travelling along Mines yesterday, got a call from Atfal. Siti (Iman's favourite nanny) sounded so panic, so naturally, I became panic as well before I even got to know what the matter was.

Iman fell and hit the floor at the right side of his head. It happended at around 4.30pm. Later he napped and when he woke up, he vomitted. It was around 6.45pm that we picked him and Kakak. He looked lethargic (which is a so so not good sign after a fall), a bit pale and so passive. As some of you might have known, Iman is diagnosed as having mild-hyperactivity symptoms. When he kept on sitting still and quiet, it really disturbed me. We kept quiet along the way until we reached the nearby clinic. There he vomitted once more and we were granted an excuse to cut Q and see Dr Salmi right away. He immediately issue a referral letter to seek further medical help in hospital.

We rushed back home for quick clean-up and prayer and then off to APSH. His condition was assessed and a neurosurgeon-on-call was immediately contacted. They feared crack in the skull or even a blood clot in the brain. I felt half of my spirit flew away. Iman even shivered from time to time. While waiting, he slowly gained himself back. Started walking, then climbing and then running about. It was such a relief. In fact when the neurosurgeon came, took a look, did physical checks on Iman, he told us there was nothing to worry about and we could go home. There was no need for CT-scan (which he told us is not good for developing brain and as much as possible, he'd want to avoid doing). But we need to monitor him for vomitting, fever or becoming lethargic again.

We came back home close to 11pm. Only then we could smile again. Adehlah Iman.. you didn't know how panic we were.


aida said...

wah, meresap darah ibu dia yer.. panik oo..
fawwaz yang terhantuk tiang hari tu pun makes my heart beat faster

ummi said...

aida ~ en iman tu mmg dari dulu dok buat org panik manjang. time dia lembek longlai tu akak punyalah takut kot2 ada crack or blood clot. takleh nak bayangkan kalau kena surgery kepala dia tu. na'uzubillah.. membayangkan saya dah kecut perut akak. akak ckp dgn hasben, it that was the case, mmg sah akak cuti setahun dua..

Ajzie said...

fuihhhhhhhh saya baca pun panic juga nih. Alhamdulilah Iman ok... dan semoga cepat sihat ok...

ummi said...

ajzie ~ saya lagilah saspen. he was showing all bad symptoms after a fall. alhamdulillah tak apa-apa. dr on-call pun tercengang-cengang nengok dia berlari ke sana sini lepas tu. masa hosp call dia, punyalah macam teruk sangat, terlantar pucat lembik. he was actually.