Monday, September 10, 2012

of One Week Renovation

Until our renovation process is over, I am gonna bore you with it :D.

This, by any means is not written (and shall not be written) as showing off. Merely documenting for our keepsakes. If anyone asked (which I already received aplenty of them) if it's gonna be 'hebat', my answer would be, a house is just wall, roofs and beams. It is us who live in it that makes it hebat of not.

2nd September 2012 (Sunday), a day after we moved out. One day before surrendering our house key to contractor. Photo taken from sliding door, at left side, overlooking at what once I can call our garden. Pokok kemboja tu initially was just my height. Now, dah sampai ke tingkat atas tingginya. That, will have to go.And the wood deck and pergola. They will have to go too (sobs). I remember 5 years back masa we all buat garden tu. I was in 1st trimester with Adam. Tengah morning sickness yang teruk. Kids used to have tea kat deck tu.

Photo taken from right side, overlooking our gate, which once I scratched my car against. Current driveway can accomodate two cars front and back. After this, side by side. The building will be extended sampai ke rendered cement tu.This very porch also seen piece of ceiling jatuh hempap kereta kecil ku.. leaving a minor dent on the bumper.

My jiran is still undergoing renovation process. As seen, dia dah ada buat pagar so we'll just tiru his pagar on the other side. The goes my wooden fence but that saves almost 1/2 of cost for pagar.

Nampak tu siling yang berlubang? Dekat lampu tu? Itulah yang jatuh. Luckily it was my car. If it's Tebby's, dunno la. You know, men and their car.. they're romantically involved.

Main door currently kat tengah, we shall have it at the side later. And that pintu, as if tau-tau aje,.. dah rosak. Tak boleh bukak katup. For about 2 months we used the sliding door to get in and out.

The front, photo taken last Saturday, around a week after work commenced. Nothing much eh? Majority is taking place at backyard actually. We already have tiang, beams and even dinding dapur at the back. (and yet I am updating rumah belah depan ha ha) And atap too, already pasang. Eventually we opted for dark brown clay roof. That shall match our open-carcass porch later InsyaAllah.

The mess kat our porch now. They've dug 2 holes right and left for new tiang. Exactly why we moved out of the house. I can't imagine my jiran staying in with all these happening in their porch area.... tabah betul they ols. Seriously, I can't imagine myself nak sapu habuk, mop lantai.. everyday!

See that boy marching in? On right side? Tak dapat main pasir pantai, pasir rumah pun jadikkkk!! Sampai kena sound dengan Pakcik baju oren tu baru dia stop. Pakcik tu is like Site Manager la. He's over 70 already actually. Before 8.00am dah sampai buat kerja.

We pray to Allah that it's going to be as planned without major hiccup and InsyaAllah by new year 2013 we'll move in back. This is something we've been wanting to do for years, and now, having sorted things out financially and logistically, work has commenced 3rd September 2012.


CT said...

getting through house reno mmg menyeksakan kak...tapi bila siap, mmg 1 kepuasan..mcm pindah rumah baru..

by d way, nampak luas rumah akak...22x70 ek?

ummi said...

CT ~ a ah. 22x70. rumah ke belakang sikit, baki tanah belakang cuma 5 kaki. lawn panjang boleh park keta depan belakang. insyaAllah, asalkan selesa semua isirumah..

CT said...

bestnye...jgn lupa share pics bila dah siap...buat inspirasi saya...