Monday, September 03, 2012

of Relocating

We have fully moved to house next door last Saturday. The house is identical to ours. Placement of rooms, bathrooms and whatnots are the same. Except they have larger kitchen. We basically just 'cut' and 'paste' our things into the house. First morning in the rented house - I woke up disorientated not knowing where I was and wondering big time where my wardrobe was!

Sounds easy peasy huh? 
Well, not quite.
Actually it was not!! 

It was a back-breaking, muscle straining, head aching experience. And no 11.5ft wardrobe like I used to have (used to have because today they tore it down.. sobs) No water-heater (brrrrr!!!). And the hobs are faulty too. But anyway, the fact that it's just house next door, alhamdulillah. We have actually relocated our kitchen-things on Friday but did our cooking in our house.

Minyak mana?
Oh.. dah pindah rumah sebelah.
*ambik minyak masak*
Teh mana?
Oh, kat rak.
Rak rumah sebelah.
*ambik teh*

Astro guy came on Friday for relocation. Called them up via 1-300-82-3838 on Tuesday. Wednesday no one called me up to fix an appointment. By Thursday noon I was fed-up enough that I have them a return call. Only to be given a contact number for me to call to fix an appointment. Not the kind of service I expect from Astro. I gave them a bit of lecture and told them there was no way for me to call up their technician. And by 5.00pm I got my appointment date and time. Call center blamed technician. Technician blamed Call Center. Yada yada yada. Actually what happened in between was not my problem. Well, it was in a way. But to pass your customer around is not something you should do, Astro.

Astro guy, Lip is doing his thing on our roof. Relocated to roof next door. Lucky thing wiring already got so just connect to the dish. Relocation FOC - for beyond. Anywhere in Malaysia tapi let them do 100%. Jangan usik decorder, wire, and dish tu.

Oh ya, Lip came an hour late :P


KakNi (CikNi Ahni) said...

berpindah dan berkemas, walaupun dari satu bilik ke bilik yang lain pun dah cukup memenatkan, ini kan pulak pindah rumah, tak kira larpindah sebelah rumah ke pindah negeri lain ke...

ummi said...

Kak Ni ~ seriously.. mmg penat. sakit satu badan. ni pas siap nak kena pindah balik.. adoi. gerenti saya cuti 3-4 hari nanti :D

Smiley said...

mmg penat sgt kan...wah rumah akak ni sure hebat nnti

Ummu Auni said...

saya pun pernah kena dengan ASTRO. bila ASTRO follow up untuk customer satisfaction, saya jawab terang2, saya takkan recommend ASTRO pada orang lain. slowww service. bukannya kita tak bayar.

ummi said...

Farrah ~ hebat tak hebat rumah, isirumah yang tentukan. asalkan selesa anak beranak.. cukup lah. kalau hebat, bonus :D

ummi said...

Aini ~ kan. dia dok cakap technician sibuk la, tak sempatlah. akak ckp you kesah technician you aje la ye.. customer you tak kesah. senyap jap minah tu.