Tuesday, September 18, 2012

of Ximenia & Salt Scrub

photo - credit to http://myorganicjourney11.blogspot.com

I am currently in one of the phases again :P
Fasa men-dandan diri :D :D

There's 2 things that get me motivated.
One is beautiful women - in prints or seen in real life.
The other is.. well.. er.. I'll just keep that one to myself for now..

I can't even remember when did I buy a tub of The Body Shop Ximenia & Salt Scrub (from its Spa Wisdom range). When I tried to open it up yesterday, the metal securing the lid to the body already karat. The inside was not affected tho. Color remains. Smell remains. Phew!! Still can use to sental ..

Mandi first and leave your body wet before applying this.Texture is kinda 'rich' with tiny miny beads of salt. The salt beads dissolved much too soon to my liking. You can expect this from someone who uses Himalaya Salt as body scrub. During my pay-less days I even resorted to table salt ha ha!

Rinse and towel-dry. No need to sabun sabun anymore as that will remove the moisture. Tak berminyak, don't worry and my hands are noticeably well moisturized today. Too bad I wasn't paying attention to both feet :P Kalau compare macam kaki and tangan belong to 2 different people :D

You can buy this at The Body Shop outlets or online via http://www.thebodyshop.com.my for RM99 per tub. Or via http://my.bestbuy-world.com/ for RM79.00.


KakNi (CikNi Ahni) said...

saya memang tak reti mendandan diri, tak biasa dan takut pulak tu nak mencuba. kalau boleh memang lah nak tapi.....

Unknown said...

KakNi ~ cubalah buat kat rumah. dulu time saya tak keje saya buat sdn guna apa2 barang kat rumah.. tomato, garam, gula, asam jawa, susu, yoghurt. now keje tak sempat, beli yg dah siap. satu lagi yg best is lulur bunga tanjung tp saya x pakai dah sbb suami x suka bau rempah2.

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