Tuesday, September 04, 2012

of Crabbing Good Times @Pantai Batu Burok

The kids love beach as much as I do although I have stopped doing things I did before i.e. getting wet in seawater. These days I just sit on the sand and watch them having good times.

Pantai Batu Burok.Not very far from my inlaw's.The kids beg (and nag) us to bring them there everytime we go balik kampung.We can't go out as much as we did now that my PIL has passed away last January and that my MIL is not very well herself.

Kite flying is easy here at the beach :D Lucky thing yang 3 beradik tu tak ambik pot pasal lelayang that day. If not 'kchennngggg' out duit raya beli lelayang.
They are more interested main air. As Adam puts it 'Besarnyaaaaaa swimmingggg poooolll ni Ummiiii' :D No matter how I have cautioned them not to wet themselves too much, kids will always be kids.

Adam - mocking me *sigh* when I asked him to get out from the water. Cheeky I tell you, this boy. A ball of bursting energy (and fun!)



Told ya, they had some crabbing good times! :D


Smiley said...

me and kids love beach too!!

ummi said...

and islands too! lama berzaman tak ke pulau2..

KakNi (CikNi Ahni) said...

and this is where? pantai batu burok ye... memang nampak best. rasanya macam sy dah smpai, tp ingat2 lupa da...

ummi said...

Kak Ni ~ a ah. kalau pegi, ambik spot dekat2 dgn Primula, cleaner. Yang sebelah nun tu cam kotor sikit.