Thursday, September 13, 2012

of Kitchen (Reno)

Bored yet? Hi hi.. If you are, please go play somewhere else eh.

The reno is going on well. The backyard is walled up, leaving 2 slots for window and one for backdoor. Last week Tebby called up on roof color. Already? It excites me with this reno thingy going on but being excited and to actually take action deciding are two different thing meh. Another example. Kitchen. We are to decide the length of table run, which to date we haven't since we still don't have the idea as to where to place the fridge, the oven (yes, finally!) and whatnots. More like I still don't because Tebby leaves that to me. Poor me. It is foreseen that he will spend more time in the kitchen, better let him design eh? But wardobe - n'est touche pas, sil vous plait. Almari baju, leave that to me. Since it is foreseen I'll spend more time than he would in that later on he he.

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*Cinta* Classic yet no frills. White, so 'suci' looking kitchen. Simple straight lines. But imagine the amount of kunyit, rempah, kicap that my kids adore......... maybe not. And all the tumis menumis......

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Or this. Black. I am on two extremes, yes I know it. Also *cinta* this one. Simple. The only thing ai tak setuju is kaler sinki tu. Er.. yellow? But then again, this is someone else's house :D Ai kenot setuju or tak setuju hihi.

This is, or rather was my backyard. Wet area. My 8yo 13kg washing machine which I cinta so much. And a sink. Sink will go. Washing machine will be placed somewhere else as this our kitchen area will be extended including here.

Progress 8 days later. Allready half walled-up. Earlier they dug 3 deep holes along the edge where my pagar used to be.

Where I used to dry my laundry. We installed an awning along this area for that purpose when we first moved in way back in June 2003 (yep, I am sentimental like that).

Progress 8 days later. Huge I tell you.. my window. 6 feet wide. That slot is going to be a bay-window.. been drooling for that for years! Bolehlah ai letak pokok bunga kat bay tu nanti and if I'm lucky they will last for few months hihi..

I don't know what the term is. Some kind of aluminium-ly looking sheet on the roof frame. A layer before installing the actually clay roofing. We picked dark brown.Tengok hujung sheet tu yang terlipat sikit tu? It irritates me just by looking at that, feels like climbing up and smoothen it ha ha.

From 8th September to date, dah banyak progression. The whole dapur dah walled up and floor cemented. Roof installed. I had meant to photograph bit-by-bit on the renovation but let's just say up to now, I have failed. Sampai rumah balik keje pun dah gelap :P

Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusan kami.


aida said...

so kitchen mana akak pilih?

kaezrin said...

gua tak saba nk tgk hasil siap dia..cepatlaaaa

CT said...

both pun cantek kak, mmg kalo saya pun jatuh cinta..:) sebaik mine dolu developer bagi, so pasrah saja...

x sabarnye nak tgk rumah akak siap....

ummi said...

aida ~ lom pilih pon lagi :D

elin ~ gua pon tak sabar ha ha

CT ~ tu la.. dedua pun ok. buat sekerat hitam, sekerat putih okay tak?

CT said...

erk....macam 1 kepelikan la plak kang kak...tgk lighting kak, kalo lighting banyak, black pun OK, kalo lighting x banyak masa siang, then better la amik putih kut...

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