Thursday, January 05, 2012

Sewn With Love

Hand sewn with love (and hope).

Pretty straight forward to sew.

A bit more complicated as it is sewn on pockets. You don't want to stitch the pocket opening as well. Name tag is sewn on top of badge. Relatively easy. Just that it is thick, I really need to push the needle to get the thread through.


Kakak started her Primary 5 yesterday and Iman, Primary 2. It's gonna be another 3 years for another Primary 1 drama :D Had it not been a paranoid-me, things would've been much easier. For Kakak, we did not worry too much. She's Primary 5, she's gonna be 11 soon.

Iman, on the other hand, lined up in the wrong class to begin with. Then somehow he parted ways with the teacher who brought them up to their class after assembly. We saw him asked another teacher for direction. That's my boy. Smart and getting independent.

When they came back from school, I was relieved to see happy faces. They had homework, which was a surprise. On first day? Really?

Asked Iman how he was doing. Went eating alone in the canteen. OK. Independent but please make friends with others. He couldn't find his class after recess but he told me he kept on looking until he found it. Persistent.

Kakak made new friend with a newcomer in Aftal Sayang. Same age. I am glad since she's very much a loner actually.

1st day went smoothly. Alhamdulillah.

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Tyha said...

Lencana budak lelaki memang seksa sikit. Kena jahit tangan secara manual...x boleh mesin.Ada kawan saya sangat rajin...tetas itu poket then jahit mesin itu lencana...jahit semula kasi tampal itu poket...;)

pB said...

time nak bukak sekolah nilah , wish ada bakat menjahit ...

macam macam benda nak kena jahit dan betulkan

Ummu Auni said...

hari tu jahit atas poket dgn kasih sayang, then, buka buku panduan, Ya Allah, the badge should be on top of the name tag (which is not on the pocket!!) adeh..tetas balik, and it was sewn on haphazardly..iskkk

ummi said...

tyha ~ akak idak serajin ituu. takut tetas nak jahit balik dah tak rupa poket dah :P

pB ~ saya ni takat nak jahit simple2 boleh lahh.

aini ~ hohoho... sure stresssss!!!

Farra said...

lencana sek agama baru beli wiken ni baru jahit

sib baek tadika dah x payah jahit sbb lencana printed terus atas tudung

ummi said...

farra ~ KAFA Kakak guna badge yang ada gam tu. tp kena jahit gak. kalau basuh tercabut.