Thursday, January 13, 2011

Iman's Year 1 Orientation 31/12/2010

Finally, I have the time and inspiration to write again, tho I am not exactly sure what to write about.

Oh, btw, read about Kakak starting Year 1 way back in January 2008 here and here.

Let's start on with Iman. Every mother that has a 7yo and starting school should write about it right. Likewise Kakak, Iman is attending SK BTHO (2). We were considering private school, private instituion for special students but after discussing, seeking more information, sharing of opinions, we decided we should try the mainstream. Afterall, his disorder can be considered of a mild nature.

Orientation was on the very last day of 2010 i.e. 31st December 2010. Coincidently it was a public holiday since Malaysia won over Indonesia in Suzuki Cup. But then orientation was conducted as planned. If not, bila lagi nak buat kan. The week after, new term dah start.

We were a bit late. After picking up name-tag, we rushed to assembly area. New students were already in their respective lane according to class. As expected, the teachers asked the parents to leave their kids with them and as expected, Iman refused. Kept on tugging on my hand, tshirt, bag and whatever I had on. And as expected, I gave in. I was lining up with him and walked with him to his class. Not a pretty sight tho ha ha. We splitted. Me and Tebby. Me with Iman while Tebby attended a briefing and collected text and exercise books. Alhamdulillah, Iman's temporary class is on ground level, easier for him to find later on.

The rest of that 1/2 day, well the usual drill, coloring, joining dots and coloring, counting and coloring and more coloring. Too bad the boy beside Iman did not bring a single color pencil and he kept on using Iman's. Well, I didn't mind but Iman did. I could see his eyebrow berkerut2 and his face obviously showed he didn't like it.

He kept on looking for me and each our eyes met, I waved and held up my thumb. Good boy, I silently told him. Then it was time for recess. I was torn. Should I accompany him to the canteen or should I just let him go with his classmates. I decided for the latter. While I was waiting, I thought I should stalk him. But I didn't tho I was really itching to do so. About after 10-15 minutes I saw him coming to his class. Alhamdulillah, he found his way back from canteen to his class on his own.

After all the errands there done, I made him showed me how to go to the canteen and where the toilet is. Just to make sure he knows where things are. We went back happy. Little that we know of what was coming the week after!

To be continued.

Penanda tempat nak beratur for 1 Zuhal. Tahun ni ada 11 kelas tahun 1. Biasanya 10 aje. Kelas tambahan 1 Bintang.. dah habis planet dah pakai!

ni pulak kelas Kakak. she's in 4 Bumi this year. coincidently they'll be using the same classroom. Kakak belah pagi, Iman petang.

gigih coloring, coloring and moree coloooringggg!

he's getting out of class for recess

after recess. walking towards me.


aida said...

wah iman semangat p sekolah :)

mamalisa said...

happy schooling Iman..
Congrates to both mother n son, same goes to ur family..

kak, you hv done the best for him..clap clap!

Farra said...

ramai btol budak sek tuh! tu yg kene sesi pagi dan ptg kan?

sek kami sesi pagi sume budak darjah 1-6, senang nk arrange

ummi said...

aida ~ belum akak citer lagik apa jadi mgu lepas tu :P

mamalisa ~ i still have a long way to go and loads to do to get him on the track. doakan ya. nway, if you were me, under the same condition, you'd surely do the same.

farra ~ sedikit hint.. kat sini ada 2 sek rendah. both ada 2 sesi, pagi dan petang. setiap tahun 1-6 ada lebih kurang 10 kelas. setiap kelas dalam 35-40 murid. means 40x10x6x2.. dalam 4.8k budak umur 7-12 tahun! produktif betul.. walaupun akak tak menyumbang banyak ke arah statistik tersebut ha ha.

oren said...

anak2 saya, laki n pompuan, mmg beza bab skolah..

kakak dulu boleh harap, semuanya sendiri..

yg muhd nih, alahai..mmg urut dadalah..never know what will happen every morning..

mknan pon demand mcm mak dia nih keja kantin jek..hahaha...

Farra said...

mmg ramaiii..fuhhh