Sunday, January 01, 2012

Swiss Garden Resot & Spa 24th-26th December 2011

En-route to Kuala Terengganu, pit-stopped 3d2n at Swiss Garden Resort & Spa (SGRS) Kuantan. The kids were ecstatic. How would they not, they love swimming pool. Beach would be an added bonus.

Booked ourselves a Studio Room. The biggest that we could afford. There was a sitting area with sofa set. Which later turned into goofing area for the kids during the day and their sleeping area during the night. Me and Tebby occupied the bed ;P In our defense, we wouldn't want any of them fall from the bed and hit the floor, which was not carpeted.

We asked for extra blankets and pillows for the kids. Pushed aside the sofa and coffee table. Luas kan. Roomy and comfy enough for the five of us. Plus, unlike One World Hotel, One Utama, we could control the temperature. No one shivered under the duvet this time around :D (Read out brrr-ing time in One World OU, here)

Morning kids!! Bangun solat jom! Selimut tu sendiri punya. Very nostalgic hihi. So yesteryears punya corak. The one Iman was in used to be my selimut during my STF's days.

First trip to the beach. Equipped with buckets, shovels and what nots. The kids decided to hunt for seashells. The waves were kind enough that we did not hesitate to wait and dip our feet. Sand was very fine. The weather was not too cooperative. Cloudy and windy. It didn't rain heavily sepanjang we all kat sana. The kids still got their fair chance of going to the beach and had fun in the pool.

First dip in the pool. Hey, look kids, sharks! Not one, but two! :D It was so cold and pool was not heated. I was shivering just by looking. But look at these kids :D It rained a bit a little later, everyone rushed and got out, as though not to get wet from the rain! Hi hi!

Iman sea-horsing Kakak. You're one mean boy Iman..

Second trip to the beach. SGRS coast guard warned us against going near the water. Ombak besar. The boys played with the sand instead. Kakak and Tebby went hunting for more seashells.

My boys. Iman is mini-me. Adam has striking resemblance of Tebby. Some say the boys look the same. Perhaps me and Tebby lived together long enough that we replicate one another?

Their last dip before checking out. It was C.O.L.D. Adam gave up later and both of us went back to the room. The elder two 'pruned' themselves in the pool. Suka hati koranglah ye anak-anak sekelian.

Back in the room. Adam in his little H.E.A.T.E.D swimming pool - bath tub!

While we were at the room, Iman found a crab in the children pool. Perhaps it wandered a tad bit too far and found a home in the pool. Tebby thought Iman was imagining things but the truth was, the crab, big enough for chilli crab, was there all along. Nasib baik takde sapa-sapa punya ***** yang kena sepit!

Our room during our short stay. Put aside its buffet breakfast and small bathroom cum toilet, I put my highest vote for SGRS (with comparison to Impiana (read here about our stay in Impiana) and Holiday Villa Cherating)

Info can be found and booking can be done here..


Farra said...

wahh bestnyaaa
SGR tak pernah duduk.. tapi mmg target lps ni kalau gi area cherating /kuantan( lagi) akan dok situ kots

impianan sy mmg tak suke..ngeri sbb suasana bilik cam oldies huhu

ummi said...

not to say best tapi better la dr the other two yang akak mentioned tu. impiana mmg agak menakutkan. cam dalam cerita lama2 kan. tp akak suker almari dia ha ha

k mon