Thursday, January 05, 2012

Adam the Kindergarten-er

Adam mula tadika hari ni. Same tadika that Kakak and Iman went to. Dia sangat excited. Dari pagi dok check beg sekolah dia :D That's the spirit Adam! And that makes semua my children bersekolah already. Kakak in Primary 5, Iman Primary 2 and Adam in kindy.

Unlike last time when my elder two was small, kindy tak banyak choice in this area. Kindy yang femes pun was CEC. Few years later ada Krista and Smart Reader. For convenience sake, all my children, kami hantar pegi Aftal Excel. There's Genius Aulad, BBIM and few more but all requires Adam to travel. He's only 4. I won't risk it. Atfal Excel charges RM200 monthly fee. Masa Kakak it was RM150, then Iman RM170 and now already RM200.

Yang tak pakai uniform tu either newcomers or 4yo. You one lucky boy Adam, tu ada gegirl comel lote tu. Kalau tanya Ummi, the one in scarf tu yek hihi.

When I picked him up, adoilah. Banyak betul cerita dia. He insisted that he had homework to do and scolded me for not putting exercis books and whatnots (macam Kakak and Iman) dalam school bag dia. He grows too fast :D

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