Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My FIL passed away early morning 7th January 2012. About a week after we parted for KL having spent the week earlier in Tgg.

Thanks to those who sent condolences via sms, fb.

We were shocked indeed. Tebby was broken for a while before he could collect himself and later we sped off to Tgg. I wished I had known how to drive his car then. How stressful it was having to face the death of a very close family member and at the same time having to drive all the way from KL to Tgg.

To cut things short, syukur, semua berjalan lancar. Semua anak-anak arwah dan menantu sempat tengok arwah sebelum dikebumikan. Semua cucu-cucu kecuali 2 orang sempat menatap arwah. I remember how cold he was when I kissed his forehead. But I didn't make it to the grave for burial. My MIL was not able to go due to her health so we waited at home and received visitors.

How fragile life is. My MIL was unexpectedly calm and composed. But she broke away when we salam and parted for KL, after 8 days in Tgg. Sesungguhnya kalau keadaan membenarkan, I'll be most willing to bring us to stay with us. Whatmore when Tebby is an only son. But she has her own thinking and for now we'll just let her do things her way.

Moga arwah FIL, Haji Ismail b Awang ditempatkan bersama orang-orang beriman di sana. Moga Allah permudahkan urusan harian MIL di kampung.

This is the 3rd consecutive years that death of close family members occured. Mid 2010, my nenek passed away. After Eid 2011, my uncle passed away. And early 2012, my FIL. Yes, we broke down in the beginning, absorbed in our feelings. Later we carried on and moved on. Not to say we forget, we never do. But life itself needs us to move on.

Al-Fatihah to all those that has passed away.


pB said...

N3 ini mengingatkan pB kepada arwah ayah pB ....

Rasa melayang semangat semasa dpt tahu kematiannya

abi said...

Takziah untuk keluarga. Teringat juga hari arwah ayah meninggal. Memandu jam 5 pagi mengejar masa padahal baru 3 hari pulang dari kampung.

mamafynn said...

Salam takziah untuk keluarga...