Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Bila Terpaksa Memilih

Kalau boleh memang tak mau.
Tapi terpaksa.

Iman is not doing well, health-wise. He's been sick on-off for quite sometime. Measles la, demam la, batuk la, selsema la. He's asthmatic, thus he's prone to sickness. Especially when the weather is not being kind. Last week, baru je baik demam and semalam he was 39d!

It is not that we've been saved from all these all these while. When he was about 1-3 years, he was always sick. In fact those phases were more difficult than what we're facing now. Imagine being admitted in hospital for 4-5 times a year and each time, it was for a period of 2 weeks, on the average. And it was always both of them (Iman dengan Kakak, Adam takde lagi masa tu).

But when he begged us to stay home together, I could feel I was breaking into pieces. He hit me just at the right place. How more cruel can a mother be when she leaves for work while her child is sick? What more when the child begs to stay home?

Iman, to you, I may seem to put my work before you but it is not. It never was and insyaAllah will never be. You don't know how hard it is for me to stay in the office while every second I remember you're being sick. But life isn't always like we want it to be. We may plan things the way we want them to be but how they will turn out, it is always Allah's decision. After all these years, I have learnt apa yang Allah takdirkan upon us, are exactly the things we need, no matter how hard or sore things were in the beginning.

Rest assured Ummi dan Abah sayang Iman, Kakak dan Adam, so much more than you all could ever imagined.

Iman, I miss the happy-go-lucky you. I miss my little chatterbox. I miss those sparks in your eyes and the cheeky smile. Please get well soon.


Ina Hashim said...


dia stay dengan sape waktu demam nih?dah ada bibik baru ye?

ummi said...

K Ina, kat nursery... sedih kan. Sampai2 tadi terus dia baring. Sebok tanya kalau2 we ol boleh jemput dia awal...

Ina Hashim said...

ala siannya.....isk......tie tak cuti ke?

Ira said...

kesiannya.. mmg musim ke kat sana kak? get well soon ultraman iman!

aida said...

kak tie, hope he get well soon.. insya Allah iman strong kan sayang :)