Thursday, June 03, 2010

Artsy Beadsy Day

Who says you'll have lesser thing to worry about and work on when your kids are older? All the same.. when they are baby, you worry about their umbilical cord, when they toddle around, you worry if they fall and hurt themselves. When they are pre-schoolers, you worry if your kids mix around well with their friends or not. When they go to school, you worry about their grades. Been there done it. I can't comment more since I have none older than a primary school-goer. But I bet I'm gonna worry about what course they gonna take when they start college or who they are dating after that.

That's what mom does I guess. I worry (and spoil) my kids.

Such as recently. Kakak just sat for her mid-term. It started last Monday ended today. Her art (better known as Pendidikan Seni Visual) exam falls on the last day and from all the options, she wanted to make a bracelet from beads. That's the easiest one anyway (I think).

So, naturally I went worrying if she can actually do it or not. We had 2 practice sessions, an hour each. In each session I showed her how to do it and later she did it twice, under my super-close and super-irritative supervision.

Oh, btw, here's what I bought for her..

3 small tubs of beads, a roll of stretchable cord and went a bit further by buying a storage box to ease her up.

So, I went showing her what is the should-be length of the cord and that she has to tie one end to a pencil or something so that the beads won't fall off. I showed her the beading process and finally how to tie the ends together.

'Keep your beads according the colors. Green-yellow ones in a slot, the yello in another slot and same goes with the pink ones. Remember to tie one end of the cord to a pencil or pen' Say me.. more like membebel kot..

'Oh.. if the end gets messy, just snip it off with a sharp scissor but don't bring mine to school. Mine's new and I paid a lot for it. It's super-sharp too and definately not a kiddy-scissor'.. Me say again..

Done! Cantik kan. But....

But.. but... the beads are to heavy for the cord's tension. It went like this when held up. Buruk! I actually specifically bought these beautiful beads so that I can make my one for meself once she's done with it.

opsie... all droopy

So, we took some plastic beads from her sempoa instead hu hu. No photos, I was too frustrated heh heh.

I bought the items from Art-Friend (and almost went gila nak borong semua benda)

Note: -
She came back today announcing she had done the bracelet just the way I tought her. And the teacher took it away too. Thank God we switched to that sempoa beads!


CT said...

heheheh kakak kat ofis ni pun suh anak die buat gelang..but from kertas...:)

tahniah kakak....

sungguh mencabar activity anak2 sekarang ye

should start teaching anisah other type of arts la mcm ni...asyik wat coloring je...x berkembang plak kan

ummi said...

CT ~ ntah ntah sekolah sama kot?? la ni bila ada anak sekolah, kita pon kena cam g sekolah gak. kot2 dia tanya nanti kita tak tau pulak he he. in my case, bahasa arab le.. adoii.

CT said...

kakak kat ofis tu, anak die sekolah kat area gombak....

ye la kak ti, mmg skrg kitorang pun kene belajar gak..especially phonic tu..dedulu masa kekecik saya mana belajar membaca phonic ni...