Thursday, July 23, 2009


Referral fr. Dr Bee. I consulted my regular Obgyn, Dr Ashar the next day.

Saya dah selamat menjalani ERPOC (Evacuation of Retained Products of Conception) awal pagi 21 July 2009, bersamaan hari Selasa. Menurut kata nurse, prosedur ERPOC itu sendiri sekejap saja, mungkin sekitar 5-15 minit saja. Tapi the whole process untuk prepare patient sampai ke exam table dan untuk sedar semula mengambil masa kira-kira sejam. Untuk pulih dari lalok bius pulak, dalam kes saya, mengambil masa hampir 1/2 hari.

Makcik takut taww.. I slept at around midnight, took my last sip of water right before bed. Kena puasa.. I woke up at 2.30am to Adam's restlessness sebab nak susu and could not really sleep after that. I've never been put into unconcious state before my whole life. I was told ERPOC is a minor surgery, but still, there was always 'what if i never wake up'?

Baju OT yang sangat seksi.
Sangat seksa to keep your butt from showing okay..

Tengok wallpaper nun.... horror kan.

I was admitted to room 331, APSH thru their A&E (as Dr Ashar put it, casualty). The worst room in APSH I ever stayed in. The room was considerably small, the wallpaper torn, the toilet was well... urghh. I was given the green, sexy OT dress. Was told to change into it, only it, nothing else. Even my getah rambut pun was confiscated before I was pushed into the OT.

At around 9.00am, two nurses came with another bed and asked me to lie onto it. Then the usual questions of medication and food allergy, acute diseases, as well as false dentures, past surgeries. I was wheeled to their Recovery Area and changed onto another bed. That was when my getah rambut went away and I had that green cap on. Then those questions again. I waited for another 15 minutes before the anaesthetist (Dr Aminah) came and asked the same questions and explained the procedure.

At 9.15am, the moment of truth came. I was wheeled thru doors after doors and what seemed to be like compartments after compartments. It's hard to tell as my glasses was taken away and my poor 400 eyesight was not helping much. We eventually arrived at the OT. Makcik nampak la lampu besar cam dalam movies tu u ols. Nevertheless, I was put into another bed and asked to pull both hands out of the sleeves, leaving me in 'berkemban' state. I heard them talked about Putrajaya and places suitable for photo-shoot. About hindustani movies. They put some wires on me and next I heard my own heart thumping alound. And yes, they asked those questions again.

Next, the anaesthetist came and made an IV at my left hand. They jab in some pain killer which made me dizzy. Ingatkan ubat bius, pelik pulak awat tak knock off lagi at that point. Rupanya pain killer je. Dr Aminah then showed me the ubat bius, according to my poor eyesight, nampak macam panjangnya lebih 1/2 kaki tiubnya. She explained it'd be a bit painful, tanganku mungkin sengal sikit. Yep it was. I was complaining about it and next thing I knew a nurse pat me to wake me up. Makcik konfius ok. The big lamps were gone. I still had that device on my finger and the mask was still on. Ku rasa-rasa, someone had put a sanitary pad on me (i hope it's not that male nurse), meant the procedure was done. I had slight pain on lower abdomen. It was 10.15am and I was wondering what Tebby was doing and if I could eat straight away once in my room.

It was 11.00am when I finally transferred onto another bed and wheeled into my room. The first thing I told Tebby 'anak kita dah takde'. Dr Ashar came for ward review at 12.30pm and told us it was much of blod clots and some tissue since it was still at early stage. He explained about scapping and sucking out which made my stomach turned.

I asked for an early discharge, the very same day. I was given a 2 weeks MC and my next appointment will be on 5th August 2009. I am now on Augmentin (antibiotics) 625mg twice daily, Naproxen 250mg thrice daily (painkiller, so makan kalau sakit aje) and Revicon Forte (multivitamin) once daily.

The bill came to a surprising RM2.9k. Lagi mahal dari makcik bersalin okay. Came to think of it, there was 2 doctors involved kan. The most was OT, rental of sort. Thanks for Fibrecomm, which paid for it via AIA.

Anyway, for comparison between ERPOC and D&C (Dilatation & Curretage), refer drpakar here. Sama-sama tambah ilmu...