Thursday, April 02, 2009

While I'm Gone

Barely 2 days after Tebby came back from his Europe trip, I left for Langkawi at 10.20 this morning. I am now enjoying free wifi from my hotel room in Langkawi Seaview. Tho the signal is poor, surprisingly, the speed is good.


Like any other mothers out there, I am in charge of many administrative things in the household. Especially when it comes to the children. Kain baju, nursery bag, school bag, bekal and whatnots. I have 3 kids, 8, 5 and 10 months. Since they're separated by at least 3 years between one another (age-wise), they have different needs. Example, I can't feed Adam with what I'm feeding Iman right. The list goes on.

And don't get me wrong. En Tebby is a fine not-so-young man. He helps around but there's still things that we, mothers do best.

So, before I left, I have a list of things to do. The house needed to be in-order as much as possible. In short I slept at about 2.00am and woke up at 5.00am. I manage to do all the things listed.

And sort out of what-to-wear and what-to-bring ...
And even drew a diagram of the kids' closet.
However, at 10.00pm, I got a distress call from Tebby. Kakak, dengan niat suci murni, wanting to be helpful while I'm gone, put away the clothes I prepared as in photo above, and being only 8, had things jumbled-up. I heard Tebby panicking. When all things sorted out, tergelak pulak kami. People raised eye-brows when I mentioned about seluar dalam, baju dalam, telur goreng, susu 4 kotak.

It was really a distress call.
He asked how many susu kotak for Iman each day.
I said 4.
He said only 1 pack left, not enough.
I said, 1 pack has 6 kotaks in it, so we have 2 more left.
He said, oh.
Perplexed with his own miscalculation.

Well, at least in one aspect, I know he needs me..


Zuedin said...

ekekke tak tahan tu tgk ada diagram. ala akak saya anak sorang pun "to do list" nye panjang inikan pulak akak. supermummy la you

Ina Hashim said...

wow....yup...the r such a superwoman la tie

sikulat said...

hehe.. comels

they need us in so many ways.. bile kite tade baru diorang realise.. muhehehe..

sikulat said...

ohh.. by the way.. since kamu2 berpemergian ke langkawi, jah pule on leave 2wk. Maka tinggallah daku bersendirian di luncheon hour.. huhuhu

y@tipruzz said...

comel comel diagram tuh :p

alalala cian semah...kite plak tgh giat pose ganti tis week...time is running out uwaaaa ku ade 25 ari lg mau ganti huhuhu

kaezrin said...

wah tukar shift nampak...kakakkaka

kemana langkawi?? sopping corelle la tu nnt

kaezrin said...

kakakaka...the distress call sometimes makes me smile all alone..

i was away too last week and mmg hectic tinggalkan jaz with the kids...kakkakakaka