Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy 11 Months Old Baby Adam

Happy 11th months old little boy. He is indeed one happy baby. Earlier today when we met his paed in APSH, Dr Nasir commented 'Adik ni senyum aje'. Memang pun, kejap kejap senyum. Kejap-kejap senyum. The other dr in another clinic, kadang-kadang tak boleh nak bagi consultation panjang lebar sebab dia sendiri nak tergelak tengok Adam. Kejap-kejap senyum, kejap-kejap senyum. Siap dia pulak agah dr tu. Apapun, Ummi harap Adam sentiasa ceria.

He now stands on his own. Takes a step or two forward. When we hold his hands and assist him walking, he'd say taaataaahhh... taaataahh. Babbles a lot! He has 6 teeth and he bites. Loves eating. He's been feeding on homemade food most of the time. Has graduated from finely blended puree to just rice porridge and occasionally the usual nasi we adults have. Kalau bagi biskut, dia kunyah cam orang besar. Nevertheless his current weight is below from what he is supposed to be. He's just 8.5kg as compared to the supposedly a little bit more than 11kg (birthweight x 3).

Apart from that, he has his temperament. If we take something from him, he'd wail loudly until the thing is returned to him. When Iman shouts at him, he shouts back while waving his little hands. Other than that, he's always in his nice, smiling mood.

Happy 11th Months Baby.


CT said...

happy 11 mos adam...:) comelnye adam dalam gamba tu

Zuedin said...

encem la en adam
en wafiy jeles hehehehehe

ummi said...

CT ~ dia suker senyum. tu X factor dia he he

zue ~ tengok aa mak dia kan cumil hua hua hua

y@tipruzz said...

comel la mat sengih nih...rambut cun.

heppy 11 mths adam!

ummi said...

yati ~ rambut dia mmg soft amat. kalau angin tiup, mmg buleh buat iklan syampoo...