Monday, March 23, 2009

Notes To En Tebby


We're missing you. Kakak has been asking when you're coming back. Iman kept on saying 'Abah? Abah?'. Adam is his usual-self, smiling and all.

Iman drew! Orang katun with head, legs and hands. With big smile too. I thought Kakak did that (well.. knowing Iman kan..) until I saw him drew that himself. Way to go Iman. Too bad you missed that. Too bad I did not have the camera with me. And too bad you did not take any photos yesterday! Since his return from kampung, he's been driving me up to the wall. He's just getting smarter I guess.

Kakak was all good girl, the way she is. She kept on insisting to know if she's special and if we love her. You knowlah how melodramatic she can be at times kan. She's been eating well (like always), helps around with the chores and always, always keeps Adam away from the kitchen. Much to Adam's irritation. Do you know that Adam screams nowadays? Well, he does. He shrills, to be exact. And oh, that big girl of yours, she's 28kg already.

The last of the clan, Adam is one good boy. Masalahnya he loves exploring the kitchen. Semalam, I do not know how many bawang he took. Wan said, Adam knows how to carry himself. He doesn't disturb others and knows how to play by himself. Unlike his brother last time.
Enough about us here.

So how's things there in London? Kakak told me, you told her, it was windy yesterday and it was cold. I don't know what to pesan you to get for me, still. Maybe a few silk scarves from Tie Rack would be fine. I don't know. Don't forget Elmo and Kikkor, if you see them there, please get one for Adam and Iman.

Need to sign off now.

Have a good trip.


Anonymous said...

k.tie, hubby k.tie gi trip keje ke? bestnyer.. naper akak tak ikut?

- julie -

ummi said...

julie ~ business trip. kalo bukan, mesti akak ngekor dah tu. lgpun bukan time cuti sekolah.. kena tunggu anak kat sini.