Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy 10 Months Old Adam

Here's Adam. Today is he is 10 months old. He just started crawling few days back but back to menyulur when he gets a bit over excited. He has been climbing and standing (with support) long time ago. He can also stand while waving one little hand at you.

Offered him something he doesn't want and he'd shake his head side to side. Take something he likes, away from him, he'd lie down and roll over like nobody business.

He has 4 teeth, with another 2 making their way. He babbles, he cooes, he makes that raspberry until you are wet from his saliva.

He has good appetite and has started on food with more texture with variety of taste. Papers, pencils, included. And oh, he bites too.

He refused to lie down in his infant seat anymore. Obviously he's not an infant anymore. We've just upgraded his infant seat to proper toddler car-seat. The seat is a little too roomy at the moment. Even his cookie can sit comfortably with him in there!

Hard to believe, but in just 2 months time, my baby is going to hit his one-year mark.


zuedin said...

wah chumel chumel si abang adam....

ummi said...

zue ~ usah dipanggil abang.. nanti kang ber adik plak cik mat ni.

NeroEcha said...

Kejap jer ye dah 10 bln..terasa mcm baru jer lg ...still bf lg ker kak?...Ok ler tu panggil abg biar dpt adik girl lak lepas ni..kihkihkih