Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Alhamdulillah.. Selesai Masalah..

En Adam - 7 weeks old

Alhamdulillah.. Syukur pada Allah.

:: Adam has got a place in Atfal Sayang. Al-kisahnya, memang saya dah book a place for him there. Tup-tup last minute ownernya tak berani nak ambik because they were seriously understaffed dan new recruitments yang sepatutnya datang tu, tak datang-datang. Supposedly Adam goes there on 26th June lagi so he has ample time to adjust (and I, to clear many thing up) before I eventually masuk keje balik. 26th June was shifted to 30th June. 30th June to 7th July. I felt as if we were trying to hit a moving target. It is a baby we're dealing with so I knew we had to have a back-up plan. Semalam dah dapat another tempat in a nursery nearby our house. They charge lower rate (RM250 monthly fee and RM3 per hour for OT). Currently we're paying RM300 and RM5 for respective items in Atfal Sayang. The owner (Atfal Sayang) called me yesterday to tell Adam can start going there this Thursday, July 10th. Lah pulok! Anyway, we settled for Atfal Sayang so the three of them can stay together. Kalau saya dan En Tebby balik lewat, at least they can play (or fight!) among themselves. Part of me rasa lega that I finally gonna have sometime for myself and another part of me crying inside to part with him after 2 months. I guess that's what mothers do kan. Worrying over our kids..

:: Adam has become calmer these days. When he doesn't sleep, he'd play his baby-gym (not really his lah, that thing was bought for Kakak last 7 years actually), or 'talks' to me. He especially loves when I show him books or flash-cards. He has also almost given up buaian to sleep. Much to my relief tho I was prepared untuk berangkut-angkut here and there. There was a catch anyway - pacifier! Yes, puting nyot-nyot. Itupun at times, he can fall asleep without its aid, on his little mattres, on his own! We gave him Avent pacifier mula-mulanya but he disliked it. Then NUK, pon dia reject. Sudahnya puting cap Japlo yang murah-murahan aje dia nak.

:: When I need to cook or hang the laundry, I just put him in the bouncer and place him nearby. He'll lie down there without much fuss like his brother last time. (kalau terkenangkan Iman punya perangai pun buleh berpeluh saya taww!). Likewise kalau nak berjalan, he'll just sit in his car-seat without much fuss. Merengek-rengek bila dia nak nenen je.

:: Adam's transition to bottle-feeding is almost successful. He had hardtime adjusting a few days back. Meleleh-leleh susu kat tepi mulut. Saya pun rasa nak meleleh-leleh air mata tengok my hasil usaha saya mengepam EBM tu keluar cam gitu jek. Memula he rejected Avent so I bought a non-wide neck teats. Dia 'telan' semua puting tu sampai ke pangkal. I then coaxed him little by little to nurse from Avent and alhamdulillah he has got the hang of it. Ntah-ntah kalau saya guna botol non-Avent / Dr Brown / MAM dan yang sewaktu dengannya, dia lagi suka kot. Btw, saya dah order botol MAM, just in case. Anyway, glad to inform that for the past 2 weeks Adam was fully breastmilk-fed. Not even a drop of formula. I am not setting a target of 100% as God knows what's going to happen when I start work nanti. I just hope, as much as possible and as long as possible. I am putting effort in that. I have stocked-up EBM in the freezer and joined a forum on breastfeeding. It's good when your net-friends 'pat' you on the back or support and give advise and whatnots. It helps, really.

:: Last week pegi klinik di Cheras Perdana sebab Iman batuk. Ambik kesempatan timbang Adam. He was 5.6kg. Nevertheless, this Saturday baru masuk rekod. We're seeing the kids paed for Adam's jab as well as to discuss Iman's speech problems. Btw Iman counts! He's making some improvements where speech is concerned but still too far behind other kids his age. Masa untuk bertindak, isn't it. Especially when his kindy's teacher pun advised us to do so.

:: Sidetrack a bit. Makcik kayooo.. cek kotamas finally reached me. Maybe to some people nilainya kecik ajek but to me it will mean an Avent bottle warmer and baju-baju basahan anak-anak. Kalau nasib baik, Tony Roma's ribs also included, yummy!

Nevertheless, Iman always, always has got something to do. Dia dah inspired nak jadi LC pulak kot tho he will never ever lactate in his whole life. Sabor je lah yek.

mula-mula kita sambungkan 2 bahagian nih..

Pastu kita pasang botol susu kat bawah nih.
Kebaikan swing ni ialah, boleh fit mana-mana botol biasa.
Wide neck takleh okeh.

OOookkayy siap.
Pastu bagi Ummi untuk proses selanjutnya..

cute eh?


CT said...

On Adam: Alhamdulillah...mesti lega problem resolvekan..:) Mcm best jek nama nursery tu, Atfal sayang..:)And yes, we mothers cant stop thinking of our kids kan...tho tgh rehat...erk..

Waaa bagusnye adam bleh memain sendiri..bet ummi bleh buat banyak jugak keje while he's awake kan..Alhamdulillah...

On Iman:
hehehe same like my Anisah...trying to be LC..who knows one day nanti ada LC lelaki..;)hope Iman can catch up on the speech improvement..insya-Allah..

ct said...

alahai, nak masuk keja dah...

btw, how do u know iman has the speeach prob? memang lambat ckp or pelat?
my first son pun suka main my medela mini e tuh.. skarang lagi suka die main sbb now i'm using battery so, all the while memang ada bat dlm tu, so siap main tembak2 with that motor... sabo je la...

ummi said...

ct-z ~ Aftal Sayang is for their nursery. They have its kindy as well, Atfal Excel. Tu yang nak sgt hantar kat situ sbb ada tadika sekali. Yelah kan, who knows, male LC. I bet dulu2 mana org terpikir pon male gynea kan.

ct-noraini ~ he's 4 this year and the longest sentence dia boleh buat is a 3-letter sentence saja. most of the time cuma satu perkataan aje like air, nasi, tido, fish. dr dulu lagi paed dia dok observe but dia advise we wait first and see if Iman boleh catch up. the time is up now, tu yang nak pi discuss balik the next course of action. i just hope he's keeping things to himself saja and bukan benda pelik2.

NeroEcha said...

Bagus le dah ade tpt nak letak adam kalau tak mmg pening kan..Congratulation that adam still fully breastfeed..hope so still can feed him even his mum working..kak join forum susuibu ker? I'm one of the too...

aida said...

alhamdulillah, Allah dah bagi solution dengan secara tiba-tiba ;)

p/s: nanti naik kerja, update ler hasil tenusunya.. mau dapat 30 oz sehari kat office tu

adam, bulatnya.. kiss from auntie aida :)

ummi said...

nero ~ susuibu tu join jugak tp tak pernah lagi mencelah. selalu kat cari forum.

aida ~ alhamdulillah sesangat. terpanik dah sebenarnya.