Friday, April 13, 2007

APSH092007 & When A Demotivated-Me Ramble

Pagi semalam saya ke APSH (lagi). Follow-up check-up si Iman untuk HFMD dan telinga kanan dia tu. HFMD dah OK, dah kering and insyaAllah tak membawa jangkitan dah.

Telinga dia pulak buat episode cerita baru. Sebetulnya bermula masa balik Tgg untuk Raya Haji hujung tahun lepas. Telinga dia semacam bernanah, ada infection. Dari hospital di Tgg, ke klinik di Cheras, ke APSH, telinga dia tu infectionnya masih belum betul-betul kering. Takdelah banyak, but then it is still there. That’s enough to alarm me. What-more with my Tebby kan. (ps -> he's more paranoid than I am.. seriously) Betullah sangkaan perasaan saya, minggu depan ada follow-up check-up lagi. Kami mula kerap ke sana sejak saya mula mengandungkan Iman. That was early 2004. Kalau dicaongak-congak, dah lebih 3 tahun tu! Nurse di sana dah mula memanggil anak-anak saya by their ‘nama manja’! Semalam dapat Cedax (which caused him to vomit his stomach out) and Sofradex (ubat titik yang tak sempat dititik pun… kena baling dan pecah botolnya).

Selsema dan batuk dia pulak, I cannot say fully OK lah. Just the interval is getting a bit apart. We’ve almost stopped his Singulair. Aero-Chamber comes handy when we really-really-really need to use it. Some people advise us to stop feeding him the medication. But I just don’t dare. This is asthma for God’s sake. Kalau nak beli insuran, ni dah kira penyakit acute. One moment you’re breathing and the next you don’t. We’re still trying both – medication as well as so-called nutrition and supplement that are supposed to help him build immunity.

Enough rambling about that little boy huh.

Now, it’s about me.
You see, it’s like a huge renovation is going on here and there will be no room for me anymore. I think the BB (that's for BigBoss) is having hard time to pass the message to me but I got his point nonetheless. To be frank, it makes me feel very lowly of myself. Whatmore when someone who is so very expectedly to go, is staying instead. That rubs more salt to the wound, sort of. Talked about it over lunch with cubic-mate Rahmah, Zarid and Sikulat. I agree wholeheartedly with Sikulat. If something is meant for us, we will get it. If it is not, no matter how hard we try, we won’t get it. It is just not meant to be. If that happens, we need to be thankful and always redha with whatever Allah has planned for us. Who knows after the rain stops, we’ll get the most beautiful rainbow or greener grass or full bloom of flowers.

OK peeps, since I don’t have enough to do renovation of any kind, it is best for me to search for other room to fit myself. Did the first step by pasting a more presentable-me photo in the Career Profile. Off I go. Wish me luck.


yatipruzz said...

gud laks kak...and i wish u to get the most ever beautiful rainbow outside there, together with the bestest future BB :)

co kite ni mmg suke reno sana sini kan huhu

ummi said...

yati ~ i'm trying all avenues i can at the moment. rasa dah tawar hati pun ada. had not someone promised me something, i would not be so sad. told tebby kalau kuciwa sangat, akak nak unpaid leave setahun he.. he..

Ella said...

Salam Ummi,
Lama tak menjenguk.... ella keep following baca ur blog n cite pasal apsh tu... actually ella ada satu product yg di perbuat dr jus manggis yg gunakan bahan aktif xanthone dlm manggis tu.. produk ni dr us n akan masuk malaysian market in may tp now ella dah dpt product Xangosteen (name of the product for Spore n Malaysian mkt klu tak Xango jer :D) ni dr Spore.

Klu Ummi berminat nak try for ur kids blh ler... n if u wanna know more maybe blh browse thru their website

Klu nak tahu more maybe blh contact ella 0192578734 /office: 89464124 seruis bkn saja nak promote tp since iman still keep going to APSH maybe u wanna try an alternatif sbb juice ni rasanya mmg tak mcm ubat etc it's more as a supplement tp at the same time byk khasiatnya.... insyaAllah