Friday, September 14, 2012

of Tanamera Splurge

The other day I was scrolling (while drooling) Fossil's website and Tebby made a remark about it. Told him I was just browsing and was not going to buy anything (was? apakah?). He said 'ala.. cakap je, pastu sokmo bawak balik kotak'

So you notice eh? :D

The last box I came home with was this. Tanamera splurge. Bought online. With all these online-thingy, it is hard to refrain myself. Kena pulak some enjoyable experience at their wellness center. *ahem* But I can't possibly go everyweek or even every fortnightly kan. If I can't go to the spa, let's bring the spa back home :D :D

Body soap. Brown Formulation & White Formulation. I have tried Brown Formulation. It's a soap cum scrub. Macam ada serdak-serdak sabut kelapa. I remember when I was small, my Mok will tenyeh jari kaki dengan sabut nyor. Zaman dulu mana ada loofah semua tu. If ada pun, we couldn't afford it. Membesar di kampung, main dalam semak samun, just imagine all the daki we accumulated ha ha. Anyway, the Brown Formulation has tumeric, wild ginger, cinnamon and fragrant roots (among others). I thought it's going to be spice-smelling soap but it's not.

White formulation belum try. Kenot komen yet.

As for the scrub, I have tried Himalayan Salt. Painful lesson, I'd say. Jangan tenyeh kuat2 sangat. Pedihhhhhh ha ha.

Sengkuang Facial Scrub and Hibiscus Facial Mask. Tried them both. I especially love the Hibiscus Facial Mask. Very soothing.. My only problem was Adam. Mask ni jenis kena biar kering kat muka. And of course I can't talk, laugh, sengih while the process was going on. Adam had problem with me being so 'serious'.. not talking, not laughing, not smiling. Kept on asking to talk to him. To laugh with him. Adoila....

Freebies! Bath powder in sachets - Hibiscus, Ginger and Pandan. FOC, sapa tak suka.. eventhough I do not know how to use these (yet). Masuk dalam bathtub kah? Marinade yourself with that concoction kah? Macam ayam pulak nak marinade-marinade yer.

In bottles are Spa Surya product - facial wash and moisturiser kalau tak silap. Belum try.

Free lagik.. Voucher worth RM50. Suka! Suka!
Yang, you can expect more boxes coming in :D


KakNi (CikNi Ahni) said...

lepas ni boleh lah bersesi manjakan diri di rumah ek, kecuali ada gangguan dari power rangers atau ultraman.... hu hu hu....

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