Friday, January 02, 2009

Congratulations Tebby

Actually, I wrote a congratulatory note to Tebby and got it scheduled for publishing on the date he is officially in that position. Somehow it never appeared and I lost it altogether.

Tebby is transferred to our subsidiary, on loan basis and promotion. Of course it comes with extra-zing (as well as extra responsibilities). We hope, with that, I can take an unpaid leave without so much hurting our financial well-being. The first not-so-welcome perk is that, on Friday, he'd leave at 5.30 and not 5.00 as he used to and like I do now.

So, Mr Cip, despite that 5.30-thingy, a big CONGRATS from me.


sikulat said...

kat tingkat 31 ke nanti? ke sub lain ? Congrate dari saya.. hehehe.. mesti huruf 'A' kat depan jawatan dia dah tade la ek ?? wah hebats hebats!

Anonymous said...

Kak Tie,

Ooh.. your hubby dah jadi GM ke? coolness? congrats and I'm glad things are going well for him.. maybe it's a sign from Allah that you can now be able to take some time off and be with Iman a lot more and help with what he's going thru.. if it is economically do-able, why not?

take care sis!!


yatipruzz said...

waiyooo congrats too to ur tebby!
what a superb 09 beginning :)

aida said...

tahniah tahniah... wah dah jadi GM :)

Farra said...

tahniah..syoknyer kalau nak cuti panjang jaga anak lepas ni k.tie ;)

Ummu Auni said...

wah tahniah-tahniah. A dah tak ada ye? masuk subsidiary mana?

NeroEcha said...

Congrate..rezeki tahun baru tu..

zuedin said...

alhamdulillah rezeki anak2 bak kata akak :)

ummi said...

sikulat ~ tak ah. tkt 37.

MC ~ glad to hear from you again. insyaAllah. Allah makes it easy for us. in fact i am really looking fwd to that.

yati ~ hopefully after the beginning pun, semuanya smooth ajek lah. ari tu pr tiara beach resort eh?

ummi said...

aida ~ bukan... bukan GM..

farra ~ tu lah. bila cakap ngan bos, dia still cam terkejut2. more like terpaksa cuti, bukan suka suki dok rumah neh.

ummi said...

ummu_auni ~ fib**c*mm.

nero ~ on behalf, thanks.

zuedin ~ kalau nak lg byk rezeki, haruslah menambah anak lagi ek??