Thursday, January 08, 2009


We ushered in 2009 with a bad news. News that made you think about your future, about how thankful with what Allah has blesses you with, relatively to others. But let's not go there.

We always make resolutions when new year comes knocking in kan. Let me tell you mine.

This year, I will take a better care of my kids schooling. Not that I did not last year but maybe what I did was not enough. I can't keep on blaming on the job I have or Tebby has. The system will not change for us, so we need to change. I will check on the kids' school progress, their homework, their tests and exams. It's only the 4th day of 2009 schooling and I've felt the blow. I hope I'd be strong enough to pave my way thru!

I will also take a better care of myself. You know, clean-toner-mosturize thingy. Plus scrubbing (I do not mean the bathroom tiles okay), masking and maybe a monthly body massage. And facial too. I will start taking jamu and enought supplement to make me glow, enough to shine Tebby at that too. I will eat healthily (and ensure my family do too) and drink enough water. I will dress myself accordingly. I will dress my age (35 that is). Not dress to kill laa but decent enough so I do not look as if I was going jogging in a mall. Yah people, no more tudung-senget, bedak capuk-capuk day.

And yes, latest one, me and my lunch-mates agreed that we should take-up exercising as well and work our ass at least twice a week. After office lah. Lunchtime is strictly reserved for makan and bersosial dengan kawan-kawan okay. *tunggu akak beli kasut dulu wei. in the meantime pse check your diary ek. u ol are busy people kan*

Ahh.. cukup ahh 3 je kan. Ni pun tah-tah tak terbuat hu hu..


yatipruzz said...

work-out after office tu ape plannyer???

Anonymous said...

wah...semangat gitu...aku pun teruja...dan2 tu aku nak buat cam ko..umur kita dah tuo dah....huhuhu

p/s:ingat lagi aku kan..ting 20 ler...tikusmunduk..dah lama tak jenguk blog ni semenjak pc masuk wad

NeroEcha said...

Bagus ade plan gitu kak..untuk diri sendiri pun penting kan..teruskan yer