Friday, August 05, 2011

Edisi Terima Kasih

:: Thank you to CMC - for the farewell gifts (and makan-makan-do!)
CMC is my previous office. Lama jugaklah kat sana, since July 2004 sampaiiilahh July 2011. When I first reported duty, I was pregnant with Iman. That time ofis kat Bukit Mahkamah. The in 2005/2006 CMC moved to Menara and later in 2007 we moved again to Annexe. Not taking a year leave into calculation, 6 years I was in CMC. I had 2 GMs and 3 immediate supervisors. In CMC, it was a love-hate situation but let's not dwell on what supposedly be a history by now. I met greats people there, whom later turn to be friends until now.

Thanks for the Ariani. I would not go and buy any Ariani myself! The color is soo me, I'd say. And thank you for that Happy Birthday frame (eventho on my birthday, I am no longer in CMC). Flaming red, sangat matching dengan dinding my cubicle. It now sits proudly on the table. I made sure the date is well visible to everyone hi hi.

:: Thank you Achik - for the souvenirs from China
Achik is my SIL. She was the first Tebby's siblings that I met before we got married. Achik is always kind enough to get every each of us something whenever she goes anywhere. While I might just buy one thing for one family! She went to China and got us these..

:: Thank you my ex GM En Salam - for this kurma Safia Yusuf Taiyoob.
En Salam was my ex GM in CMC. He's the one who approved my one year leave. I am indebted to him as not many bosses are willing to grant such approval. When he asked me if I was to be posted elsewhere, I felt obliged to accept.


puterikiut said...

kak tie.. tunjuk la ariani tu.. nak tengoks.. :)

faradel said...

Thanks to u too....for helping me until where I am right now. Alhamdulillah after nearly 5 years of waiting, I'm officially *M staff right now..!..)

Ummu Auni said...

tukar department ke akak?

ummi said...

puterikiut ~ nanti aaa akak posing :D

faradel ~ anyone would've done the same del. i am also glad you made it. your comment really made my day :)

ummu_auni ~ tukar unit aje. still within CSM, I am now in VP office.