Wednesday, August 03, 2011

New Office & Iftar 2nd Ramadhan 1432H

As some you of might have known, Kak Mon dah bertukar (rather ditukarkan) ke unit baru. This new unit is among the many units under the same division. I am still doing more-or-less the same scope of work but still meeting and dealing with fimiliar faces, some of whom I've known as far back as 7 years. One or two that I've met on my first day reporting duty (That's 14 years ago!)

my new cubicle. flaming red, still. pretty clear for someone who's been working for 14 years eh?

'virgin'-calculator yang masih berbungkus. i am using veryyyyy much less of it now. no more billions

I am now dealing with HR matters, which makes me getting hundreds of emails each day. It is much simpler and easier than my previous tasks but.. well. Here's the analogy. Previously I need to cook a full spread of nasi minyak. Nasi minyak, with its gulai, sambal and acar, for 10 people. Now, I am trusted to just cook nasi minyak, without its gulai, sambal and acar but for 500 people! Analogy also revolves around food? Pinch me! Thinking back, somehow this is like having my prayers answered, 18 years later! When I did my degree, I got a scholarship from T*. I had wanted to majoring in HR but T* directed me to do majoring in Marketing. When I took a year leave last year, I thought it'd be nice to do HR after I came back. If you ask, I still do not know if I like it here or not. Still too soon to tell. But it is sure not as cold as my office back in Tingkat 14.

Now back to puasa thingy, yesterday, we took off from the office at almost 6.00pm. Fetched the kids, beli mi kat kedai depan nun, sampai rumah at 6.45pm. In the nick of time nak azan Maghrib, barulah siap Mi Goreng and Chicken Wing ala India. Washed down with a pot of Teh O panas and cold apple and orange juice. Simple aje kan.

It is stressful that this year, on 3rd Ramadan, we have came to the point 'tak tau lah nak berbuka dengan apa' - despite all the excitement and plans we had. Maybe it's the age factor (older people eat lesser food? No?) or maybe in all the other months tu, nafsu makan adalah godaan syaitan semata-mata? And now that all the godaans are not here, we are left with just our own nafsu. Kot? This pre-dawn tadi, me and Tebby had roti canai segera, Iman had megi with telur (dari semalam mintak) and Kakak had Mi Sedap. Not good tapi itu ajelah yang membuka selera. Hurmpp.. Hope to see a more vibrant ensemble on my dining table after this.


aida said...

hadoi, hari2 update menu iftar... sabor jer

ummi said...

aida ~ xde gambar.. description ajer x terliur kan :D

yatiscloset said...

meggi kari extra pedas sure sedap time sahur kan...nak la nanti! hehe

ummi said...

yati ~ td sahur kari meletup tak??