Friday, September 03, 2010

Macam Macam Iman

I said 'Iman, jom kira'
Okay Ummi...
One, two, thwee, four, five, shix, sheven, eight, nine, ten
one-teen, two-teen, thwee-teen, fourteen, five-teen, shixteen, sheven-eighteen, nineteen, twenteen...

owhhh... he's getting there nevertheless, isn't he?

After two months, he now reads Bacalah Anakku Series, book 4 already and for Easy Read, coming to book 3. I also bought him the similar series from Ameen Books and he's now reading the first book. Slowly but surely. InsyaAllah. Tak lama tak apa Puan, tapi kena konsisten. Lima minit pun cukup. Teacher Sharifah assured me when I told her about Iman's short attention span. (short = 1 page and he starts to look around and fidgets). But the consolation is there, he has the motivation to read. When at its peak, banyak pages dia baca. I remember one time when we just got back from Fibrecomm's Family Day and he hasn't finished one of his homework, and he was sleeping and the clock showed almost 10pm. Tebby woke him up and he did his homework without any fuss.

Math-wise, bad mommy that I am, I don't really concentrate on Math. Well, he can count (albeit tak berapa betul lagi for numbers after 10), he knows which is more and which is less. Which is bigger number, which is smaller. Now he's into addition. First there was small buttons corresponding to the number. You know, 4 + 3 and you draw 4 buttons on one side and then 3 on the other and then you total up the buttons and get 7. Now just numbers, so I asked him to draw the buttons. And he draws lotsssss of them. When I tegur him, he just said, 'Iman suka button banyak, Iman lukis banyak'. Well, it took me sometimes to explain and thank God, he understood between what is needed to be done and what he wanted to do. Well, for now that is.

Anyway, remember Sofeya? (read here) Well, it's a love-hate relationship now. One time he told me to drive faster so that we could catch up with Sofeya's car and that he wants to bring Sofeya back home, while the other time he told me he doesn't like Sofeya coz Sofeya's not wangi. They still run together to the swing after classes and call each other out if me and Sofeya's parent happen to send or fetch the kids at the school at the same time.

So, what about me? Am fine, thank you. I told Tebby the other day that I want to quit for good (which he is still considering). The satisfaction of getting that extra thousands to spend on things I don't necessary need or splurging on another 2 tubs of facial mask just because I don't have that flavour yet or buying another pair of black shoes because this one comes in different design is just not comparable to the satisfaction of staying home, helping your kids with their school works and just browsing the net for goblin shark, precious gems, transformer and all, and preparing meals for them. Perhaps because I have a maid at home. Perhaps because I got enough allowance from En Tebby. Kalau takde maid, haruslah ku stress jua kan!


Farra said...

ya allah..bagusnyer progress Iman ni kak!

tp meybe btol gak kan, kalau tade maid harusnya stress jua, yelah anak2 ni mcm2 ragam

ya allah knape la hati sy ni sgt bebal lg nak quit koje and stay at home like u? hmm...renung2

ummi said...

farra ~ alhamdulillah. that's the whole point of my leave pun kan. insyaAllah...mmg tiap2 hari spend masa dgn dia practise.

whether to work or not, depends on aim kita jugak. not saying working is not good. masyaAllah, banyak pahala membantu suami demi keluarga. different stroke for different folk. kalau kita dah ada aim, work for it. tak kisahlah working or quitting. so takdelah bebal apapun farra.

.... dan selamat beramal.. heh heh

Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah iman dah ada kemajuan.

T??? jadi ker?


aida said...

alamak fawwaz tak pandai baca. Mak malas, hehe

ummi said...

mek ~ verangannn jah. nanti lah aku cerita panjang lebar kat kau. mebbe next week aku pi ofis sat. bukan nak buat keje, aku nak borak jer heh heh

aini ~ fawwaz is 5, okay lagi tu. akak ni debaran 2011... nak masuk sekolah neh. cikgu la ni expect year 1 aje dah lancar baca, tulis kira. haruslah umminya terpaksa rajin kan.

y@tipruzz said...

laju progress iman syabas!!

aku pon taleh berenti lg farra...still cannot rely on pruzz as the sole breadwinner unless kalo gaji dia macam en tebby :p

pepe pun like k.tie says, pahala besar tu bantu family..keje kan ibadat jugak :)

Anonymous said...

salam ummi... i've been a silent reader to ur blog for quite some times already. been using some of ur home-cooked recipes and my family loves them as much as i do.

just writing sbb terpanggil bout ur calling to quit ur job tu. i make a mistake of not resigning a couple of years ago and still regretting it until now. it is true that nothing can beat the feelings of watching ur kids growing up and preparing their meals and knowing every bit of little things going in ur house... those thing, bg laa byk mana duit pon, mmg takkan dpt beli.

what i want to say, i just hope ummi will make a wise decision. i'm still working at the moment, after my 'proposal' to resign was rejected by enchi' suami (i was also on 1 yr unpaid leave during that time). still looking for a clue from the Almighty for the 2nd chance of resigning, after the 1st one was not fulfilled. hope ummi didn't make the same mistake. some times our sacrifice today, maybe will be granted with something sweeter (successful and lovely kids?) in future. we'll never know.

Hope Allah bless all of us, and give us strength to live on our life.


ummi said...

rienazaidi ~ thanks. appreciate your comment, it touches me. am inspired indeed! but in your case, i would say it's a mistake dear. i believe whatever twists and turns in our life, they happen for a reason. insyaAllah.

i remember my fren texted me telling me rezeki hanya bukan pada duit saja. true indeed, anak2, masa lapang, hati tenang, semuanya rezeki. i have yet buat solat istikharah tapi hati memang berat nak quit terus. the other day kami dengar ceramah (nama penceramah tak igt), he said kalau suami mampu sediakan semua, eloklah suami minta isteri berhenti kerja dan uruskan domestic affair.

you tried my recipe? nothing fancy kan, just yang sempoi2 je i buat. rather than msg-laden food outside, baik masak sendiri kan. tak kisahlah simple meal pun.

insyaAllah. Allah mendengar kita semua. in fact i yang malu, Allah grants me many things and I don't do enough.

myza said...

sis..glad that iman catch up very fast. congrats to u too for having trust on iman.
tapikan kak..saya sgt sedihhhhhhhh!!!! uwaaaaa..sedih if u want to stay as SAHM for good.
but whatever it is, wish u good luck for whatever decision that u take.

ummi said...

myza ~ it's still too premature tho (being SAHM for good) but if need be, I won't hesitate. afterall, only me am Iman's mom but anyone can sit in my post back in the ofis, isn't it.

tapi tu lah, rinduuuuu lahhh nak luncheon sesama. insyaAllah in oct akak free sikit, kita makan sesama ek.