Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Mom's Thought

Iman & his cousin, Yaya

Hari ni, kalau ikut schedule, Iman ikut field trip tadikanya ke Aquaria KLCC. Malam tadi cikgunya call confirmkan whether or Iman was going. Iman being Iman, I don't dare letting him go in a group of small kids unless there's one person can look after him all the time. Yes, all the time. He wonders around. He could get lost and he cannot really speak to convey messages.

I am firmed with the idea that would be the best for him (or is it for me?). At the same time I am filled with guilt. Am I depriving him of his social live or chances to explore alongside his friends? Am I being too protective? If so, until when?

Iman may have progressed from the person he was but still, there's still lots of 'what if's' in my mind.


Ira said...

takpe kak mon.. u did a right decision.. next time, kak mon jek bawak sendiri iman ke klcc with the whole family.. sekurang2nya kak mon nampak dia depan mata.. kan?

Farra said...

kak..risau sgt ker?? hm..tatau nak komen apa la..i respect ur decision...sbb tu anak akak, u know best about him..take care!

mus'ab pon byk lg nak kene improve..i do it slowly

ummi said...

ira ~ exactly apa tebby suggest. dari dia hilang, baik kita bawak dia pegi sana sama2.

farra ~ of course farra. he has disabilities as compared to kids his age, of course akak risau. ditambah pulak akak ni paranoid, pathetic when it comes to my kids. kakak yang dah 8 tahun pegi rombongan pun, akak dok susah hati takut apa2 jadi kat dia. balik tu kan main best lagi dia citer dia pegang ular, dukung rabbit, pegang guinea pig, tengok rimau, gibbon segala.

Julie said...

k.tie, maybe you should join along his social trip with his friends, rasanya school allow parents to do that.. at least he can mingle and explore with his classmates and you also might learn something from your observation.. maybe you may found he's showing something that he might not show to you at home.. just my 2 cents..

ibuVouge said...

kak tie, only mom know the best. As women we been given six sense..

u r the best mom!

no worries dear

ummi said...

julie ~ ada gak terfikir tp dah banyak sgt ambik cuti baru2 ni.maybe next year punya trip kot.

IV ~ i hope i'm doing the right thing. kdg2 akak risau jugak kot2 akak sebenarnya yang contribute jugak kat masalah dia tu. doa sgt Allah bagi petunjuk and kekuatan.