Friday, March 16, 2007

Come Meet Peter, Jane & Kikkerr

Sure is tough being kids these days huh. The expectations and whatnots. Kakak's preschool schedule follows one of Kementerian. Which means she's on a week school holidays this week. Nevertheless, Atfal conducted a reading class for 6yo from Monday to Thursday. So, we cancelled her stay balik kampung this week. On top of that, she got a few pages of homework inclusive of English, Bahasa, Math and whatnots and a few books to practise reading on. The one she's holding (photo) is Ladybird's Peter and Jane. It uses simple, repeatitive sentences. She's on book 2 now. Tho she may sound like a parrot, but she's grasping the concept. You know, like reading Quran without knowing the meaning. We'll be sending her off balik kampung tomorrow. Again, she'll be given a week worth of homework and books to read.

Have you met Kikkerr, Iman's buddy? He's caught naked after a shower last night while drying himself. It's almost impossible for me to get Kikker into the washer and have him cleaned. Like good buddies, they are always together. Iman has 2 actually but somehow he prefers only one of them. He'd have Kikker close to his face when he sleeps. I mean really really really close. Semalam, tengah member tu syok-syok main (dan mematahkan Magic Wand Kakak, which was bought together with Barbie's Annika), saya ambik Kikkerr dan masukkan dalam mesin basuh. Pilih cycle yang paling cepat and within 1/2 hour, Kikkerr landed on this small fan for drying. Nevertheless, Iman found out before Kikkerr was completely dry....


aida said...

peter n jane book is really good kan? i watched my youngest sibling progressing to book 6c less than a year.. tapi bila masuk sek ren, hancur balik english.. aduhai, sayang rasanya

she also told me, dia rasa rugi bila apa yang dia belajar masa kat kindy dulu (which is english), tak dipractice masa kat sek ren

ummi said...

aida ~ to no 6 within a year? wow.. terer tu. and you are right about english. kalau tak guna mmg jadi blunt. kena read and write selalu.