Monday, February 07, 2011

Bergelut Dengan Takdir, Berkejar Dengan Masa..

Families have secrets they hide even from themselves

I am done reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards. I'll give it 3.6 star (out of 5, with 5 being the best). It's about how fragile life is and things are not always turn out to be the way we want them to be. Reading the first chapter, I went 'how could he? how could he?' and my 'how could he' lingered on until the father died. How, a birth that supposedly brings a family together, had contrarily tore them apart. I am touched by her novel but not as deep as the way Jodi Picoult's writing in My Sister's Keeper (which had me cried for days!)

Taken from the book - Phoebe might struggle more, go slower, but like any child she'd learn.

bergelut dengan takdir dan berkejar dengan masa demi anak istimewanya

And now I am my 3rd book Kembara Atiq Wazif karya bapa Atiq Wazif sendiri, Hassan Suyut. Harap saya tak menangis dari mula hingga akhir!


mamalisa said...

saya pun ada buku ni..menangis betul masa baca tu..yg citer my sister's keeper plak tgk kat astro je, nangis jugak sebb related to cancer and reliased that how I am letting my Alisa go when I realised her time came. It so hard & damn hurt but from Allah we came right? we belongs to Allah al-mighty.

yg buku melayu ni pasal ape?

ummi said...

mamalisa ~ untk redha, ianya satu perjalanan yang panjang dan menyakitkan. but once kita berjaya sampai ke tahap itu, hati akan lapang insyaAllah. buku melayu about a boy, anak istimewa si penulis buku. how the forgo almmost everyhting and migrated for the sake of him. anak istimewa ni, we can't wait for treatment. start seawal mungkin would be better. based on my exp with Iman, kena mula dari umurnya masih muda. If not, susah utk dia berubah nanti.