Wednesday, December 20, 2006

short notes

:: Chubby baby Nurul Atiqah (not to confused with my Nurul Athirah because this one belongs to Pn Siku|at) was admitted to Hospital Pantai, Bangsar due to high fever and asthma. Pn Siku|at is on leave, continuing from where her MC stops last week. Let’s pray that Atiqah will recover soon.

:: Been busy, like I had expected. Report is done and being compiled. Yesterday was 5s inspection day. I’ve been clearing and tidying and cleaning so that my cubic would comply with whatever criteria that are being spelt out. The consolation was that we are allowed to have a drawer or two to be labeled as PERSONAL and those are excluded from inspection. Soo, you may have guessed what I did. My PERSONAL drawers are filled to the brim! I am not naturally berserabut. Well, I may, when I do my job but I always clear my table before leaving the office.

:: The kids are well, alhamdulillah. We’ve moved back into the master bedroom. It’s no more master bedroom actually. We’re sharing it with the kids. Sleeping quarters is more like it kot? Kakak has wonderful appetite nowadays while Iman is a bit ‘shrunk’ than he was. He’s been on cookies diet and refused most heavy meal like rice or noodles. When he finally agrees to those, he eats only a bit. But he’s still on 7-8 bottles of milk. We’ll be visiting Dr Nasir’s clinic this Friday for his usual follow-up.

:: Okay peeps, have a wonderful week ahead. In case I won’t be able to log on again until the weekend, have a happy long weekend ahead, eh!

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Syikin said...


moga Atiqah cepat sembuh. kesian baby lagi dah kena asma, kita yg besar ni pun rasa lemas kalau tak dpt bernafas ngan sempurna

sibuknya puan ummi ni..takpe, it's part n parcel of the job right.

begitulah ummi, kalau anak2 kecil lagi, ngan kitalah dia menempek waktu tidur. budaya anak tidur asing sejak kecil bkn budaya kita rasanya.kalau letak bilik asing awal2 ada org tua yg tak bagi, kesian katanya. paling besar imaginasi depa, takut nanti org masuk rmh tak sedar anak takde huhu