Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kek Belang

Cooking, unfortunately, is not my forte. Too bad eh, especially when I am married to someone who's been fed good home-cooked food while growing up.

Whenever I am trying new recipe, I'd get that 'worried sick' feeling, worrying whether or not it will turn out well :D

I tried doing chilled cheesecake - it turned out well.
I tried doing this 'apam belang' - it turned out well.

I had two epic failures doing dessert, corn based. Which is Tebby's favorite :P

Anyway, here's the apam belang I am so proud of doing :D :D Siap bawak gi ofis jamu kawan-kawan makan!

Moist and gebus! Bimbang sangat it'll turn hard once cooled. But it didn't. I like the color combo. Cuma nak melayer kaler-kaler tu belum expert. Bersepah-sepah!

The texture is like a crossbred of cake and apam actually.

This one - success. Belum ada keberanian nak re-try buat dessert yang jagung tu. Next - brownies, maybe?

Recipe taken here - dari dapur Intan.

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