Monday, July 04, 2011

Go With the Flow

4th July 2011 - 2nd day kat office. Decided to just go with the flow. Anyway, I just had to pen this down. Somehow rasa funny.

When I was away, there's this mamat occupies my cubicle. Since I was just on leave, tak lah clearkan semua benda. Cam files, booklets, training materials semua ada lah kat meja tu. When I came back, I got to know he had packed things up.. not his but mine!

I am now sitting and making myself comfy at one quite corner. 5s-ing 3 big boxes of God-Knows-What. I didn't know I had so many things. In fact too many things! Oh btw, I don't have a fixed phone yet. Call/sms my mobile k.

Anyway, it's a little boring for the past 2 working days. My close frens tau lah apsal. I am overly overpaid, I'd say. But let's just savor the moment for now.

Oit, today is 4th July eh? Happy 4th Birthday to Vivi! Lagi 3 tahun nak habih loan :D

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Ummu Auni said...

hehehe..Saya pun banyak barang. bila duduk berhimpit, baru perasan, barang guna satu kotak je :p